50 MW Floating Solar Power Plant In Portugal

EDIA Portugal Looking For EPC Contractors For 50 MW Floating Solar Capacity On 10 Sites For Local Power Consumption Of Alqueva Dam Pumping Stations
06:19 AM (Beijing Time) - 28. November 2019

Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infraestruturas do Alqueva (EDIA), the Portuguese water utility company has launched a tender for the deployment of 50 MW floating solar PV capacity. It says, this is the ‘largest floating photovoltaic project’ in Europe.

Key Takeaways

  • A tender for 50 MW floating solar PV capacity has been launched by the EDIA in Portugal
  • It seeks EPC contractors to deploy over 127,000 solar panels on 10 sites to generate 90 GWh of clean power annually
  • Power generated will be consumed locally by pumping stations of Alqueva Dam
  • Excess power from the floating PV capacity will be sold to the grid

Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infraestruturas do Alqueva (EDIA), the Portuguese water utility company has launched a tender for the deployment of 50 MW floating solar PV capacity. It says, this is the ‘largest floating photovoltaic project’ in Europe.

Till now the crown is with 17 MW O’MEGA 1 Floating Solar Plant In Piolenc Commune in France commissioned by Akuo Energy in Oct. 2019 (see Europe Gets Its Largest Floating Solar Plant In France).

In fact, the plant capacity in Portugal will be smaller as the the 50 MW project will be distributed over 10 sites whose individual capacity is not known. The largest of the 10 plants will be installed next to Alamos Pumping Station, which EDIA describes as the largest power consumer of Alqueva. On completion, the 10 plants are expected to generate 90 GWh of clean power annually all of which will be locally consumed at the pumping stations. Excess power generated will be fed into the grid if required.

The company plans to finance the project cost of close to €50 million through its own resources and a loan of €45 million by the Council of Europe Development Bank.

The EDIA is seeking EPC contractors who will also provide operation and maintenance (O&M) services for the first five years.

The project is expected to use more than 127,000 solar PV panels and cover about 50 hectares of water surface area. On completion, the 50 MW capacity is expected to generate 90 GWh of power annually which will be equivalent to cover electricity supply for about two-thirds of the population of Baixo Alentejo, the main region served by the Alqueva Irrigation Plan, said EDIA.

The differentiating element of this project is the need to use the neighboring water plans of the great electrical consumption sites for the installation of the generating plants,” said EDIA. Through these projects, EDIA hopes to cut down on transmission losses helping reduce demand for power from the grid in order to cut down the carbon footprint of the company.

Details about the tender can be viewed online on EDIA’s website.

Presently, there are several smaller PV plants installed by the company, including one off-grid floating project with storage, and another 1 MW floating project is under construction.

In June 2019, Portuguese electricity utility EDP said it was planning a 4 MW floating solar plant in Alentejo for €3.5 million on Alqueva Dam with commissioning scheduled for 2020 (see EDP Planning 4 MW Floating PV Project).

To explore floating PV costs and technology expansion to ocean environment, a group of companies from Sweden, Spain and Portugal recently secured €19.1 million funding from the European Commission for FreShER project (see Floating PV Technology Project Secures EU Funding).


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