BTI: Indian Rooftop Solar Capacity Nearing 6 GW

Operational Rooftop Solar Capacity Of India Till June 2020 Reached Over 5.95 GW, Says Bridge To India; Puts Cleantech Solar On Top Among Largest Project Developers In Rooftop Solar Space Over Last 12 Months
08:27 PM (Beijing Time) - 16. September 2020

According to Bridge to India analysts, the industrial segment leads the pack among segments that contributed to a total of over 5.95 GW rooftop solar in India till June 2020, followed by commercial, residential and public sector. In the last 12 months ending June 2020, India installed 1.14 GW of rooftop solar, down from 1.89 GW reported for the previous year. (Source: Bridge to India)

Key Takeaways

  • BTI says the operational rooftop solar PV capacity of India till June 2020 was over 5.95 GW
  • Maharashtra was the state with largest installed rooftop solar capacity with 851 MW, followed by Rajasthan with 526 MW and Tamil Nadu with 481 MW
  • Cleantech Solar was the largest project developer during June 2019 and June 2020 when the country added 1.14 GW in this space
  • Fourth Partner finds itself placed on top of BTI list for largest EPC contractors in the last 12 months while Growatt was the top inverter supplier holding largest market share

Till the end of June 2020, India’s total installed operational solar PV rooftop capacity reached 5,953 MW, according to market intelligence firm Bridge to India (BTI) as shared in the latest edition of its India Solar Rooftop Map 2020. At least 31% of this capacity has solar systems of more than 1 MW in size.

Analysts say of the cumulative figure, between June 2019 and June 2020, the country added 1.14 GW, which is a downer from 1.89 GW added in the same period of the previous year.

The largest contributor to the rooftop installations list is the

  • industrial segment with 3.08 GW capacity, followed by the
  • commercial segment touting 1.293 GW,
  • residential with 776 MW and the
  • public sector with 776 MW.

Capacity energized using the Capex model was 4.102 GW and that based on the Opex model was 1.851 GW.

Of the 1.14 GW rooftop solar installed in the last 12 months from June 2019 to June 2020, BTI says the maximum was installed by:

  • Cleantech Solar that grabbed 15.34% market share among project developers in this space maintaining its position for 3rd consecutive year on BTI’s list among top 10 companies, followed by
  • Amplus with 13.58% and
  • Fourth Partner with 13.39% share.

Among EPC contractors, for the second year in a row,

  • Fourth Partner claimed a 7.52% market share, followed by
  • Tata Power with 7.08% and
  • Prozeal Infra with 3.69%, among others.

As for inverter suppliers,

  • Growatt had 23.34% market share,
  • Sungrow with 22.91% and
  • Solis with 13.96%.

Among the top 3 states with largest share of rooftop solar capacity till the end of June 2020, BTI says the state of

  • Maharashtra tops the list with 851 MW,
  • Rajasthan on the 2nd spot with 526 MW and
  • Tamil Nadu on 3rd spot with 481 MW installed.


The rooftop solar map is available on BTI’s website.

In August 2020, BTI said India installed only 351 MW of new solar PV capacity in Q2/2020 thanks to COVID-19 impact, taking the cumulative to 38.37 GW to which rooftop solar added 5.88 GW (see BTI: India Added 351 MW Solar In Q2/2020).

BTI numbers for rooftop solar are higher than the official Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) figures that pins the total rooftop PV capacity of the country till August 2020 to over 3.088 GW.

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