Cyprus Public Utility Seeking Land For PV Deployment

Electricity Authority Of Cyprus Scouring Land To Lease For Solar PV Project Development & Seeking Consultant For Forecast, Real-Time Solar Power Generation
09:28 AM (Beijing Time) - 14. January 2020

Key Takeaways

  • EAC is looking for suitable land to deploy solar power capacity in Cyprus
  • It specifies 30,000 as land size per lot and it needs to be closer to the EAC grid
  • Individuals, municipalities, businesses and communities can submit their interest
  • The EAC is also looking for a consultant to help it forecast and provide real-time solar generation estimation

The Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) has launched a tender to secure land to deploy renewable energy projects. The expression of interest (EOI) issued seeks to lease land on a long-term basis for the development of such projects.

Balkan Green Energy News refers to a local news report saying this land will be used to install solar PV parks for which the required land size per lot has been reduced in this tender to 30,000 m2. In the previous tender released in May 2017, the land size was mentioned as 65,000 m2. The first tender did not take off finally.

Owners of land that already own a license to develop solar power projects but are unable to do so can either lease the land or sell the license.

Land is sought from interested individuals, businesses, municipalities as well as communities. Owners of land that share boundary can also apply under this tender as this land can then be clubbed. It specifies desired land to be mostly flat, square shaped with little or no trees and shading, and should be close to the EAC grid.

Contracts will be signed for use of land for a period lasting 27 years. Last date to submit EOI is December 31, 2020. Tender documents are available on the EAC website.

Separately, the utility is also looking for a consultant to provide forecast and real-time solar generation estimation for which the last date of submission is January 29, 2020. The work spans the area under the Republic of Cyprus and excludes Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The country is majorly dependent on imported petroleum products that account for over 90% of its energy supply, according to an article on legal news website Mondaq. It says Cyprus is aiming to have a 13% renewable energy share in its total energy mix by 2020, which will be up from less than 9% at the end of 2018. Its renewable energy supply currently comes from solar thermal, wind energy and biomass, while the PV share is rather small. The EAC has a monopoly over the electricity system of the European island nation.

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