DEWA Seeking Consultant For Floating Solar Project

Consultant Required To Study Feasibility Of Floating Solar Power Plant In Arabian Gulf; Dubai Electricity & Water Authority Issues Request For Proposal
06:49 AM (Beijing Time) - 11. June 2019

A floating solar power plant is being envisioned by DEWA, which has issued a call for consultants to conduct a feasibility study for such a project. This plant will be part of the the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 (DCES 2050). Pictured is the Dubai cityscape at night with the Burj Khalifa in the center. (Photo Credit: Robert Bock/

Key Takeaways

  • DEWA is looking at setting up a floating solar power plant in the Arabian Gulf
  • It has issued a RFP for interested consultants to conduct a feasibility study and environmental impact assessment report
  • Consultants must also include in the report technical requirements for a floating solar PV plant, setting up electrical transmission, safety plan, seawater feasibility studies including tidal and system specifications and system performance

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is looking for a consultant to assess the feasibility for a floating solar PV plant in the Arabian Gulf. The agency has issued a request for proposal (RFP) for the task.

Scope of work includes the feasibility study, technical requirements for a floating solar PV plant, an environmental impact assessment report and a study of the marine requirements. The job also involves setting up an electrical transmission plan, a safety plan and seawater feasibility studies that will include tidal and system specifications and system performance.

Further details about the RFP can be obtained from DEWA office.

DEWA says the prospective project will be part of the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 (DCES 2050) under which it aims to achieve 42 GW of clean and renewable energy by 2050 and provide 75% of its total power generation from clean energy. The 5 GW Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park (MBR Solar Park) is part of  this strategy. In February 2019, DEWA launched a 900 MW solar tender under MBR Solar Park Phase V (see 900 MW Solar Tender Launched In Dubai).

A land saver, floating solar PV technology carries humungous potential for the growth of solar power as a World Bank and SERIS report found out in November 2018. As per their assessment, a minimum of over 400 GW of floating PV capacity can be developed worldwide if if only 1% of the total available surface area were used to install floating solar panels (see World Bank: Gigantic Potential For Floating PV).

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