EBRD Seeking Consultant For 15 MW PV In Turkey

Consultant Required By EBRD To Conduct Feasibility Study Into 15 MW Solar PV Capacity Development For Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality
03:42 AM (Beijing Time) - 27. June 2020

The 15 MW solar power capacity in Gaziantep, Turkey, for which the EBRD is looking for a consultant, will be tendered and established as grid connected, unlicensed, ground-mounted, fixed-tilt capacity in Sahinbey city to help the city reduced its electricity bill. (Photo Credit: Gaziantep Metropolitan

Key Takeaways

  • EBRD is soliciting proposals for an eligible consultant to carry out detailed feasibility analysis for solar power development in Turkey
  • The GMM hopes to reduce its power bills with the help of 15 MW PV capacity covering 10% of its electricity consumption
  • EBRD is considering financing this project with co-financing coming in as a capex grant from the EBRD Shareholder Special Fund

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is looking for a consultant to conduct a feasibility study into 15 MW solar PV capacity to be installed on 4 separate sites in Turkey for Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality (GMM). It will help the bank decide about the financing under the Municipal Resilience Refugee Response (MR3) framework.

The EBRD aims to support the construction of this grid connected, unlicensed, ground-mounted, fixed-tilt PV power plant capacity on public property located to the south of the city in Sahinbey. GMM hopes to cover close to 10% of electricity consumption at its facilities with this 15 MW capacity.

The broad scope of work for the selected consultant will span the feasibility study, concept design, tender preparation and advanced procurement support for the entire project to be conducted in 2 phases.

GMM got a local technical consultant Proerk Engineering to carry out the feasibility study on its own and the latter suggested deployment of 320 W monocrystalline solar panels with a total number of 54,000 with 50 kW string inverters to be installed. Proerk recommended spreading out the capacity on various locations in the form of 5 MW, 2 MW and 2×4 MW.

Detailed terms and conditions of the job can be viewed online on EBRD’s website. Last date to submit applications is July 24, 2020.

For GMM, the electricity bill for the City of Gaziantep takes the biggest chunk of its budget and to bring down its costs, it is turning to solar PV technology. The bank’s loan will be co-financed by a capex grant from EBRD’s Shareholder Special Fund (SSF).

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