Germany Launches 200 MW PV Tender

German Power Regulator Issues Call For Large Scale PV Tender With 200 MW Capacity And Announces First Combined Wind/Solar Tender
07:24 PM (Beijing Time) - 11. December 2017

Germany’s power regulator Federal Network Agency has invited bids for the next large scale 200 MW PV tender. Individual system sizes are between 750 kW and 10 MW. The deadline is Feb. 1, 2018.

Key Takeaways

  • Federal Network Agency of Germany has issued a tender for large scale PV capacity of up to 200 MW capacity
  • Ceiling price for the tender has been fixed at €0.0884 ($0.1040) per kWh
  • Last date to submit bids for the PV tenders is February 1, 2018
  • Another tender, where wind and solar have to compete, will be launched in April 2018

Germany’s Federal Network Agency has invited bids for the next large scale 200 MW PV tender and announced a first joint auction for large scale solar and wind power projects, which will be conducted in April 2018.  

 For the 200 MW PV auction, the ceiling price is €0.0884 ($0.1040) per kWh. Individual system sizes will be between 750 kW and 10 MW.

 This is the fourth PV auction since the government passed the latest update of its renewable energy law, EEG 2017. The law switched the funding for ‘larger’ renewable energy projects from fixed feed-in prices set by the administration to competitive auctions to decrease tariff levels and control growth. As of 2017, 600 MW PV will be auctioned per year. The country’s regulator, Federal Network Agency, will conduct three to four auction rounds annually.

The last large scale PV tender was issued in October 2017. At total of 200 MW capacity was offered, but it was oversubscribed by more than 3.5 times. Finally, 222 MW were awarded to 20 solar power projects. Another record low solar power bid level was reached – €0.0429 ($0.0504) per kWh, while the average awarded tariff was €0.0491 ($0.0577) per kWh in the October tender (see Record Low €0.0429 Tariff In German PV Tender).

Bids for the PV tender can be submitted by February 1, 2018. Further details about the tender are available on the website of the regulator.




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