Greece Announces Second Wind Solar Tender

RAE To Hold Joint Solar PV & Wind Power Auction On April 2, 2020 With 600 MW Capacity To Be Awarded; Tariffs Capped At €61.32/MWh
10:45 AM (Beijing Time) - 14. February 2020

Having achieved a minimum tariff of €0.053 per kWh in the previous joint solar and wind auction, Greece has now capped tariffs for the second joint renewable energy tender at €0.06132 per kWh. (Photo Credit: Aidan Meyer/

Key Takeaways

  • RAE has published in the official gazette the launch of the country’s second joint solar PV and wind power auction
  • Minimum capacity to enter the competition for solar PV is 20 MW, and for wind power it is 50 MW
  • Maximum tariff allowed to be quoted for both the technologies is €61.32 per MWh
  • Online auction is scheduled for April 2, 2020
  • Last date to submit applications is February 25, 2020

Greek energy regulatory authority RAE has made an official announcement for the country’s second renewable energy auction comprising wind and solar power. As per the tender announcement published in the official gazette, 600 MW capacity is up for grabs for both technologies to compete for.

Bids for the tender, for both solar PV and wind power, have been capped at €61.32 per MWh or €0.06132 per kWh ($0.06669) per kWh.

Wind power plants with a minimum capacity of 50 MW and solar PV projects with over 20 MW will be eligible to participate in the tender. At least two solar PV projects with a common substation can be grouped together, and similar rules apply to wind farms. Both solar PV and wind technologies can also be presented together as hybrid projects with the same grid connection point. 

Last date to submit applications to qualify to participate in the online auction scheduled for April 2, 2020 is February 25, 2020. Application process guidelines and documents can be accessed on RAE’s website.   

The country’s first joint wind and solar PV auction was concluded in April 2019 when out of 600 MW offered, 437.8 MW was awarded in a tender that was oversubscribed initially. Tariffs were capped at €0.06472 per kWh; the lowest winning price was determined at €0.053 per kWh while the weighted average winning price was €0.057 per kWh (see Greece Awards Over 437 MW In 600 MW RE Auction).

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