Iberdrola To Produce Green Hydrogen With Bifacial Solar & Storage

100 MW Bifacial Solar Power Plant & 20 MWh Lithium-Ion Battery Storage To Help Iberdrola Produce Green Hydrogen In Ciudad Real, Spain For €150 Million
10:50 AM (Beijing Time) - 14. March 2020

Spanish utility Iberdrola is stepping into true green hydrogen production using a 100 MW bifacial solar power plant and an energy storage system in Spain. (Photo Credit: Iberdrola, S.A.)

Key Takeaways

  • Iberdrola has revealed plans to step into green hydrogen production according to a company statement referred to by the Elperiodico de la Energia
  • The Ciudad Real located project will have a 100 MW solar PV plant with bifacial panels and 20 MWh of lithium-ion battery storage powering hydrogen production
  • Solar PV plant is already under construction as per the report on company owned land in Puertollano

Spanish energy player Iberdrola will work on an ‘experimental’ project to produce green hydrogen in Spain’s Ciudad Real region with the help of a 100 MW bifacial solar power plant with string inverters and a 20 MWh lithium-ion battery storage system. Referring to a company statement, Spanish energy news portal Elperiodico de la Energia said the company estimates the project to cost up to €150 million ($167.6 million).

Construction on the 100 MW solar power plant on company’s own land in Puertollano has already commenced.

This green energy generated and stored will help supply power to produce hydrogen through electrolysis. The report said this hydrogen production system will be divided into stackable modules that allow the plant to be expanded. It is the Spanish utility company’s official foray into the green hydrogen business, as per the report.

The facility will also have a main hydrogen storage system in pressurized tanks and an experimental storage plant for other technologies such as organic liquid carrier hydrogen. A dedicated control system on site will allow optimal balance between renewable production, use of battery and electricity for hydrogen production.

Green or renewable hydrogen is the buzzword across the world of late as it can be used to power energy intensive manufacturing of industrial products as steel, ammonia, and the like which further helps reduce carbon emissions since conventional thermal power is avoided in this case. Producing hydrogen with renewable energy further builds a business case. In Spain, earlier this month, Ampere Energy and Enagas announced a collaboration on producing renewable hydrogen for self-consumption of a gas production facility using a mix of solar PV and storage (see Hydrogen, Solar & Storage Partnership In Spain).

The European Commission has also revealed its plans to form an alliance of EU nations to promote clean hydrogen production which will be called the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance as part of its industrial strategy.

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