Iberdrola To Replace Coal Power Plants With RE

Iberdrola Proposes To Replace 874 MW Coal-Fired Plant Capacity In Spain With 550 MW Wind & Solar Power In Lada & Velilla: Media
10:45 AM (Beijing Time) - 04. December 2019

The 550 MW proposed solar and wind power capacity intended to replace existing coal-fired plants in Spain will be underpinned by PPAs, said Iberdrola (Photo Credit: Iberdrola, SA)

Key Takeaways

  • Spain’s Iberdrola will be replacing its last standing coal-fired power plants in the country with renewable energy
  • The two coal power plants with 874 MW capacity will be replaced with 550 MW wind and solar
  • It will comprise 420 MW of new wind and solar in Velilla and another 130 MW of onshore wind power in Lada
  • Company will be submitted a proposal to the Spanish government to go ahead with the plan

Back in November 2017, Spanish electricity utility Iberdrola had pledged to go completely coal power free to bring down its CO2 emissions intensity by 50% in 2030 from 2007 levels. It also submitted a request with the country’s Ministry of Energy to grant permission for decommissioning of the Lada and Velilla coal-fired power plants, a process that will take four years to complete.

Now as the ministry is expected to announce its decision on the request sometime in 2020, Iberdrola has said it will establish 550 MW of wind and solar power to replace the two coal power plants’ 874 MW combined capacity.

Iberdrola CEO and Chairman Ignacio Galan announced the news at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25) in Madrid. Renewable energy business intelligence portal Recharge said the company will submit a proposal to the ministry for 420 MW of new wind and solar PV capacity in Velilla region of Palencia and 130 MW onshore wind power in Lada, Asturias to be underpinned by power purchase agreements (PPA).

The 550 MW capacity will be brought online in 2022 to take 80% of Iberdrola’s installed capacity emissions free.

In November 2019, Iberdrola announced two new solar projects of 50 MW each in Cedillo, Extremadura and said it had grid access for another 300 MW solar in the country (see Iberdrola Plans Over 400 MW New PV Capacity In Spain).

Within Spain, Iberdrola targets to have 3 GW of renewable energy installed capacity by 2022. By 2030, it expects to scale up the number to 10 GW of new capacity.

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