JA Solar Ups Cell Capacity Expansion Plans

JA Solar Adjusts Annual Solar Cell Production Capacity At Yiwu To 10 GW From 5 GW Announced Earlier; 10 GW Module Capacity Plans On Track
01:25 AM (Beijing Time) - 19. February 2020
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Upward revision of the 5 GW solar cell capacity in Yiwu to 10 GW makes business sense, says JA Solar as it hopes to seize market development opportunities and increase its market share.

Key Takeaways

  • JA Solar says it is expanding its previously announced 5 GW high efficiency solar cell capacity at Yiwu to 10 GW
  • It will now invest RMB 10.2 billion to have 10 GW of solar cells and 10 GW of module capacity
  • Production will start in two phases: 5 GW each of cell and modules to enter production in December 2021 and another 5 GW each by December 2023
  • Management also shared it is investing RMB 1.13 billion for technical upgradation of its 3.6 GW cell facility in Hebei to produce high efficiency monocrystalline cells

In January 2020, China’s JA Solar Technology announced its plans to develop two new facilities to produce 5 GW of solar cells and 10 GW of solar modules annually in Yiwu Information Optoelectronics High-Tech Industrial Park, in China with an investment of RMB 6.6 billion (see JA Solar To Build 15 GW New Production Capacity). 

Now, the management has revised and adjusted its cell expansion plans at the same fab by an additional 5 GW. The Chinese solar module manufacturing company will now be building ‘high-efficiency’ solar cell production capacity of 10 GW at Yiwu while the module production capacity target remains the same at 10 GW. Total investment on building this 20 GW capacity is likely to be RMB 10.2 billion ($1.46 billion). 

Building this new 20 GW capacity will take four years, as per JA Solar’s estimates. Implementation will take place in two phases with 5 GW of cells and 5 GW of modules to be produced in December 2021 under phase 1, and the other 5 GW of each to start rolling out of the fabs by December 2023. It did not specify the exact technology. 

Saying that this investment is in line with the company’s strategic needs for future capacity, JA Solar’s management added that this would help the manufacturer seize market development opportunities and continuously increase market share.

Separately, JA Solar also said it will be investing another RMB 1.13 billion ($161 million) to upgrade the 3.6 GW cell fab of its subsidiary Jingao Solar in Jinglong Third Industrial Park in Ningjin County, Xingtai city in Hebei to produce high efficiency monocrystalline cells, again without revealing what exact technology they have selected. Technical upgrades to achieve this will take an estimated 8 months to complete. It will allow the company, explained the management, to effectively reduce its expense on buying cells externally.


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