SECI Issues 5 GW PV Manufacturing Plant Tender

India's SECI Launches Tender For 5 GW Solar Manufacturing Capacity Linked With ISTS Connected 10 GW Solar PV Projects In India
11:56 AM (Beijing Time) - 29. May 2018

Key Takeaways

  • SECI has launched a tender for solar manufacturing facilities with 5 GW annual production capacity
  • It will be linked to ISTS 10 GW solar PV projects in India on build-own-operate basis
  • Solar power developers may set up the manufacturing facility in parallel with setting up ISTS connected PV power plants
  • Minimum manufacturing capacity to bid for is 1 GW, and maximum is the entire 5 GW
  • Manufacturing facility must use domestically manufactured materials to produce modules; only polysilicon will be allowed to be imported
  • SECI will sign a power purchase agreement with successful project developers for a period of 25 years with the ceiling tariff of 2.93 INR ($0.0431) per kWh

The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has launched a tender to set up a solar manufacturing plant with 5 GW annual capacity within 3 years’ time. It will be linked with interstate transmission system (ISTS) connected solar PV projects for an aggregate capacity of 10 GW in India on build-own-operate (BOO) basis.

Minimum capacity a bidder can bid for is 1 GW of manufacturing linked to 2 GW of assured off take of power. The maximum capacity allowed is the entire 5 GW linked to 10 GW plants. The slab for bidding would be 1 GW each and capacity shall be allocated on bucket filling basis.

Successful manufacturers may use any technology to produce modules, but only with materials manufactured domestically. Only polysilicon will be allowed to be imported.

Solar power developers (SPDs) are expected to set up the manufacturing facility in parallel with setting up ISTS connected solar PV power plants. They will be free to use modules produced at the manufacturing facility or imported modules, or other domestically manufactured modules.

The solar power project will be allowed staggered commissioning over a period of four years, with a minimum 25% of cumulative allocated capacity commissioned every year. SECI will sign a power purchase agreement with successful SPDs for a period of 25 years. Maximum tariff payable to the project developer is fixed at 2.93 INR ($0.0431) per kWh for 25 years.

SPDs will be selected through tariff based a competitive bidding followed by an e-reverse auction. Manufacturing capacity awarded to a single bidder may be set up a single location, but linked PV projects can be set up at multiple locations with minimum capacity of 50 MW at a single location. Scope of work includes setting up solar manufacturing plant and solar PV projects including transmission network up to the interconnection/delivery point.

Excess generation from the power plant will be purchased by SECI at a fixed tariff of 75% of the PPA tariff, if SECI is able to find a suitable buyer.

Interested bidders can contact SECI for more information.

The tender has been prepared on the guidelines for tariff based competitive bidding process for procurement of power from grid connected PV power projects issued by the Ministry of Power in August 2017 (see MNRE Issues New Guidelines For PV Projects).

In December 2017, SECI had issued an expression of interest to look for bidders interested in setting up 20 GW of solar PV manufacturing capacity in India (see SECI 20 GW Tender For PV Manufacturing Scheme).


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