Silver Paste Maker Plans Russian Ingot/Module Fab

A Special Economic Zone In Astrakhan Is Set To Become Home To An Ingot and Module Production Facility from Russian Solar Cell Metallization Paste Maker Monocrystal
07:56 AM (Beijing Time) - 21. February 2018

Monocrystal has signed a framework agreement to set up an ingot/module fab in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Lotus in Astrakhan, Russia. (Photo Credit: SEZ Lotus)

Key Takeaways

  • Russia-based Monocrystal has plans to build a production facility for monocrystalline ingots and PV modules
  • It will be located in the Astrakhan region of Russia and will cost 1.5 billion RUB ($26.4 million)
  • The project will include three stages: construction of the site, then monocrystalline silicon production, and finally module production
  • The company’s products will be first distributed within Russia and to members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

Monocrystal, a Russian supplier of sapphire products for LED and metallization pastes for the solar industry, is planning to set up a production facility for monocrystalline ingot and PV module manufacturing. It has signed a framework agreement with the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Lotus.

SEZ Lotus is an industrial district located in the Astrakhan region in Russia. The agreement was signed at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

In the first stage of the project, an industrial complex will be constructed, and during the second stage, production of monocrystalline silicon will commence. In the third stage, module manufacturing will be launched. The final product will be first distributed within the country and to members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The plant will also comprise a laboratory and a research wing.

“The uniqueness of our technology lies in the fact that we carry out the entire production cycle – from growing the crystals to the finished panel,” said Alexander Rebrov, general director of Monocrystal, LLC.

“Initially, a Russian solar panel is being created. This will allow us to be “trendsetters” in the field of solar energy not only in Russia, but also abroad, said Sergey Milushkin, general director of PJSC SEZ Lotos.

Monocrystal, part of the Energomera industrial group, plans to invest 1.5 billion RUB ($26.4 million) to set up this facility, which is scheduled to be commissioned in 2021. Rebrov emphasized that his company’s products will be cheaper than European or Chinese suppliers. The intended annual production capacity of this facility is not yet known.

Monocrystal is well known in the PV sector for its metallization pastes for solar cells. The Russian company offer the full variety – from front silver pastes to aluminum BSF pastes (for details on Monocrystal and its products, see TaiyangNews Market Survey on Metallization Pastes).

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