Tongwei Planning 20 GW Solar Cell Capacity

China’s Tongwei Group To Start Work On Two Unmanned Intelligent Cell Factories Of 10 GW Capacity Each
06:59 PM (Beijing Time) - 09. November 2017
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Tongwei Group is increasingly opting for intelligent production techniques in solar manufacturing. Recently, it launched its smart 4.0 high-performance solar cells production line (in the pic). Building on this, its two 10 GW solar cell production factories to be built in Hefei and Chengdu will also be unmanned production facilities. (Photo Credit: Tongwei Group)

Key Takeaways

  • Tongwei Group is set to start work on setting up two massive factories of 10 GW solar cell capacity each
  • Both the factories will be unmanned intelligent manufacturing units with digital workshop, logistics and warehouse related facilities
  • Tongwei expects an investment of 12 billion Yuan ($1.8 billion) on setting up these factories
  • These projects will be launched in November 2017 and be ready in the next three to five years

Chinese PV manufacturer Tongwei Group has plans to build additional 20 GW of solar cell capacity. Two production facilities with 10 GW capacity each are being contemplated by the group – with one of these to be set up by Tongwei Solar Energy Hefei in Hefei while another will be located in Chengdu.

Tongwei Group stated that it expects to invest 12 billion Yuan ($1.8 billion) to set up these massive factories, which will do away with generating direct manufacturing jobs. Instead, these will be unmanned intelligent manufacturing units comprising digital workshop, logistics and warehouse related facilities.

The project is due to be launched this month and is targeted to enter commercial operation in the next three to five years.

Tongwei’s current cell production capacity is 5.4 GW with another 4.3 GW under construction. The company recently started operations of the world’s first unmanned monocrystalline solar cell production line 4.0 (see Tongwei Launches 4.0 Solar Cell Production Line).

Tongwei’s ultimate aim is to have a production capacity of 30 GW in the future.

Once these massive factories start rolling, Tongwei says its operating income will touch around 24 billion Yuan ($3.6 billion).

Earlier this year, Tongwei joined hands with fellow Chinese solar cell/module producers Longi and Trina Solar to build a 5 GW of monocrystalline silicon ingot crystal growth facility in China (see Longi, Trina & Tongwei To Build Ingot Factory). Tongwei is also cooperating with the Longi Group on building a 50,000 ton silicon factory in Sichuan province.


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