UNIDO Seeks Proposals For Solar+Storage In Philippines

Proposals Sought For Solar & Storage Power Plant To Be Hybridized With Diesel Generators In Tawi Tawi, Philippines To Support Local Seaweed Industry: UNIDO & EU
07:37 PM (Beijing Time) - 14. August 2019

The Tawi Tawi hybrid power project will be an example of how photovoltaics can help promote and support agriculture under what is termed 'agrovoltaics.' Pictured are farm terraces on the Philippines’ Batan Island. (Photo Credit: wagon16/www.goodfreephotos.com)

Key Takeaways

  • UNIDO and EU along with the Philippines’ government are working on a hybrid power project to support seaweed industry in Tawi Tawi
  • Diesel generators will be hybridized with solar PV panels and lithium-ion batteries in Sitangkai and East Sibutu regions
  • They have sought proposals from interested players who could provide complete turnkey project package
  • September 9, 2019 is last date to submit proposals

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has invited proposals for a solar PV project with lithium ion batteries in the Philippines. The hybrid power system will be deployed in Sitangkai and East Sibutu regions in Tawi Tawi.

Through this hybrid system, the UN agency is seeking to promote renewable energy technology to ‘Increase Value Added of Seaweeds’ in Tawi Tawi (RETS). Tawi Tawi province accounts for 70% of the total seaweed production in the country, but is one of its poorest and least electrified provinces.

UNIDO wants interested players to explain the provision of turnkey supply of the complete package of technical services as well as supply, installation and commissioning of the plant.

The agency has launched the tender in agreement with the European Union (EU) and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines.

Last date to submit proposals is September 9, 2019. Further details about the tender are available on UNIDO website.

In a May 2019 document prepared by UNIDO it states the idea behind such a hybrid project in Tawi Tawi is to increase and extend the availability of electricity service in the seaweed farming communities of the region. Diesel generator sets will be hybridized with solar PV and battery storage for additional and continuous power supply to the island grids in the municipalities of Sitangkai and Sibutu. Integrated with efforts to enhance the quality and increase the value of seaweeds here.

This project, if realized, will serve as an example of how solar coupled with storage can promote agrivoltaics.

A recent study by the US Oregon State University studied the concept of agrivoltaics and found PV and agriculture complement each other (see Farmlands Most Productive For Solar Panels, Claims Study).

In July 2019, the Philippine News Agency reported clearance for a floating solar farm in Tawi Tawi to power ice-making and cold storage equipment. The project will be developed by SN Power along with Aboitiz Power in 4 months. The two companies completed a prototype floating solar plant on Magat Reservoir through Norway’s Ocean Sun last month (see 200 kW Hybrid Floating PV Plant Online In Philippines).

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