200 MW Renewable Energy Tender In Ecuador

Ecuador Launches Renewable Energy Tender For 200 MW Capacity, Including 60 MW Solar PV To Be Developed In Santa Elena Or Guaya Provinces
05:34 PM (Beijing Time) - 10. September 2020
200 MW Renewable Energy Tender In Ecuador

Despite having 571 MW solar energy generation potential in the region between Tugaduaja, Engunga and Engabao, the Energy Ministry of Ecuador has only sought pre-feasibility study for 60 MW due to limited grid capacity here. Pictured is a crater lake in Ecuador. (Photo Credit: Anne and David/www.goodfreephotos.com)

Key Takeaways

  • Ecuador has announced 200 MW renewable energy capacity available to be developed in the country
  • The tender by the Energy Ministry lists 2 projects with 30 MW capacity each for solar PV technology
  • Projects can be located either in Santa Elena or Guaya provinces and their capacity can be expanded in the future

The Ministry of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources in Ecuador has launched a renewable energy tender for 200 MW capacity in various provinces. It lists a number of technologies, including solar PV for which it plans to have 2 projects of 30 MW each.

Termed Engunga 1 and Tugaduaja 1, the 2 solar power projects can be set up either in Santa Elena or Guaya provinces. Even though the solar PV potential for 12 industrial locations between Tugaduaja, Engunga and Engabao is estimated at 571 MW, the ministry is currently approving only 60 MW due to limited grid capacity here.

The capacity of these solar plants may be expanded in the future, the ministry said. Interested companies can participate in pre-feasibility analysis of the capacity. More details about the call can be viewed on the ministry’s website.


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