Bifacial Solar Panels Dodge Trump’s Bullet Again

Setback For President Donald Trump As US Trade Court Stays Exemption For Imported Bifacial Solar Modules From Section 201 Tariffs
05:21 PM (Beijing Time) - 27. October 2020

Bifacial solar modules once again have managed to avoid getting under Section 201 tariff order of the US government. A US trade court has issued a temporary restraining order on a proclamation issued by Trump administration recently. (Photo Credit: LONGi Solar)

Key Takeaways

  • A US trade court has issued a temporary restraining order on revoking exemption for bifacial solar modules under Section 201
  • A Bloomberg report stated that the temporary exemption will stay in effect for another 2 weeks
  • In a similar development, Roth says US may consider imposing tariffs on some industries importing products into the US from Vietnam and if solar comes under the hammer, it may impact companies as LONGi, JA Solar, Trina, GCL, First Solar, Vina and Boviet

US President Donald Trump’s led government has once again been unable to penalize bifacial solar module imports into the country under Section 201 safeguard duties after a US trade court issued a temporary restraining order to slap tariffs on its imports by October 25, 2020.

Bloomberg reports Judge Gary Katzmann issued the restraining order ensuring the exemption for bifacial modules stays for another 2 weeks, unless the court takes other action during that time.

Recently, Trump issued a proclamation to bring back these panels under the purview of Section 201 in a bid to revoke the exclusion these panels enjoy currently (see Bifacial Panels To Be Back Under Safeguard Duty In US).

Commenting on the development Roth Capital Partners analysts said, “We note that the 201 tariff increase to 18% from 15% in the last year and the extension process continue on.” Previously, the US slapped tariffs on Chinese PV inverters under Section 301 (see Trump Slaps Tariffs On Chinese PV Inverters).

Regarding Vietnam, Roth reported, it “appears the country has been deemed a currency manipulator under Section 301.” The US administration is now investigating and considering tariffs on some of the industries and solar may or may not be included under the same.

“We believe the investigation is supposed to be completed in 3-4 months, suggesting January or February. Whoever is the president would have to decide whether or not to pursue tariffs on Vietnamese product,” added Roth.

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