China PV News Snippets: Guangdong, PV Glass, Polysilicon

Guangdong Province To Host 400 MW Agrivoltaic Solar Project; Analysts Expect PV Glass & Polysilicon Prices To Remain High Amid Short Supply
08:43 PM (Beijing Time) - 10. September 2020
China PV News Snippets: Guangdong, PV Glass, Polysilicon

Short supply of solar PV glass in the market is pushing up prices for this material. Analysts believe the tight supply will continue in 2021 as well. (Photo Credit: Xinyi Solar Holdings Limited)

Key Takeaways

  • A 400 MW agrivoltaic power project is planned to come up in Guangdong province
  • Prices of PV glass are on the rise as the material remains in short supply in the market
  • Tight supply of polysilicon is expected to continue in September 2020 hence prices remain high

400 MW agri PVĀ project in Guangdong province: Guangdong Energy will construct a 400 MW agrovoltaic project in Guangdong province for RMB 2 billion. It plans to use 4,500 acres of land to construct the project on agricultural land using high efficiency crystalline silicon solar PV modules. The project is called Guangdong Energy Taishan Agrivoltaic PV Station. On completion, it will be connected to the grid through a newly built substation. The company expects it to generate about 400 million kWh annually. The province plans to add 1.5 GW of grid connected solar PV capacity in 2020.

PV glass prices on the rise: In September 2020, the price of solar PV glass has increased by RMB 3.00 to RMB 4.00 per m2, and that of mainstream 3.2 mm glass has gone up to RMB 30 per m2. Photovoltaic Raw Materials and Accessories said the price of 2.5/2.0 mm products has also risen to RMB 27/24. Analysts see this price adjustment corresponding to an increase of about 15% for 3.2 mm products in August 2020. Going forward, they expect the price of PV glass to go higher anticipating further tightening of PV glass supply. In 2021, they see the supply to remain limited.

Polysilicon prices going up: Polysilicon prices refuse to stop from going up. According to PV InfoLink, as reported by Polaris Solar Photovoltiac network, the highest price for monocrystalline silicon material went up to RMB 96 per kg, the lowest RMB 93 per kg and average price was RMB 94 per kg. With this, the prices have returned to June 2018. The average price of polysilicon at RMB 67 per kg have returned to March 2019 price levels. Overall, polysilicon is likely to remain in short supply in September 2020 hence prices are likely to remain the same or rise slightly.


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