Netherlands Installed 853 MW PV In 2017

Solar Power Accounted For 2.2% Of Dutch Power Supply In 2017 With 853 MW Of New Capacity
03:04 PM (Beijing Time) - 29. January 2018
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The Netherlands had the highest ever installed PV capacity in a single year in 2017, according to the report Nationaal Solar Trendrapport 2018. (Source: Nationaal Solar Trendrapport 2018)

Key Takeaways

  • In 2017, the Netherlands installed 853 MW of new PV capacity with 3.1 million solar panels installed during the year
  • Commercial rooftop PV accounted for 392 MW of PV installed in 2017, followed by 365 MW of residential pitched rooftop PV
  • Monocrystalline silicon solar panels comprised most of the PV capacity installed during the year
  • Of 3.64 GW of imported module capacity, at least 40% came from Vietnam

The Netherlands installed 853 MW of solar PV in 2017, increasing from 525 MW in 2016. Solar PV accounted for 2.2% of total power supply in the Netherlands with 3.1 million solar panels installed during the year.

These numbers figure in the Nationaal Solar Trendrapport 2018 by Good!/Solar Solutions, claiming that 2017 had the highest annual installation of solar power capacity since PV 2010.

Of the 853 MW, the biggest contributor was 392 MW of commercial rooftop solar, with 365 MW installed on residential pitched roofs. Another 50 MW was installed on flat residential rooftops and another 45 MW as ground-mounted solar power capacity.

The market preference was 59.7% for monocrystalline silicon solar panels sold during the entire year. Multicrystalline PV panels accounted for 36.7% of market share.

Vietnam was the source for 40% of the imported module volume with around 3.64 GW, followed by China with 13%, South Korea with 9%, Malaysia with 7%, Mexico and Thailand with 6% each and Taiwan with a 5% share.

According to the report, the solar energy sector accounted for 9,009 full-time jobs in the country in the past year.

The report in Dutch is available for free download on the website of Good!/Solar Solutions.

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