Shell Oman Steps Up ‘Solar Into Schools’ Program

Shell Development Oman Hires Hussam Technology Company To Install Bifacial Solar PV Panels On Two Public Schools
05:26 AM (Beijing Time) - 09. January 2018

Along with three schools already solarized and two schools to undergo installation, Shell, which is running a Solar into Schools program in Oman, plans to announce solar plans for three more schools in Oman soon. (Photo Credit: Shell Development Oman)

Key Takeaways

  • Shell Development Oman has engaged a local SME, Hussam Technology Company LLC, to install solar panels on two public schools in the AI Batinah North Governorate
  • They plan to use bifacial solar technology for these projects, a first for Oman
  • Previously, it had solar panels installed for three public schools in AI Buraimi, Salalah and Nizwa
  • It has tied up with the Ministry of Education and local SMEs to deploy solar panels for 22 public schools in the country under the Solar into Schools program over a period of five years

Shell Development Oman (SDO) has awarded two contracts to Hussam Technology Company LLC (HTC) to design and construct PV systems on two public schools in Oman. Both the schools are located in the AI Batinah North Governorate.

HTC will be installing solar panels for Kaab Bin Barsha School in Saham and AI Asma’a AI Harith School in Sohar.

While the company did not mention the capacity to be installed, Shell revealed that the PV technology to be used here will be bifacial which is the first time for this technology be used in Oman. Bifacial technology uses light captured on both sides of the modules.

Shell has been running a Solar into Schools program in Oman under its Gift to the Nation initiative. For this, it is collaborating with the Ministry of Education and local solar and medium enterprises (SMEs) to fit 22 public schools across the country with solar PV panels over the next five years. Under the same program, it has already installed PV panels in three schools in AI Buraimi, Salalah and Nizwa. Out of these three projects, HTC had taken up work for two schools.

The company plans to announce its solar plans for three more schools soon.

Shell has been working on the Gift to the Nation initiative since 1995 to mark the 25th anniversary of Oman’s Renaissance. It launches a new project every five years involving experts in the field of social investment. Solar into Schools is the fifth program in this series that aims to install solar power for domestic consumption at public schools and instill entrepreneurship knowledge into secondary schools. Projects are executed through local SMEs.

“2017 also saw our very first Omani female solar PV engineers emerge, demonstrating that new energy technologies can also provide viable career pathways for Omani men and women alike, as has the oil and gas industry,” said Shell’s country chairman for Oman, Chriz Breeze. Adding, “I’m glad to see the Solar into Schools program really gaining momentum and at the same time capturing the interest of Omani youth.” He said that, “In the near future, we also plan to bring a bespoke and exciting educational programme to the students and teachers of the solar schools to further embed how innovation and energy can help Oman manage its energy future, while creating new jobs for Omani youth.”

Global energy and petrochemical company Shell is also present in Oman through Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), in which it owns a 34% share. PDO recently issued an expression of interest for 100 MW of solar, its first renewable energy project (see 100 MW Solar Tender In Oman).  


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