GCL-SI Super 2.5 MW Solar Block Goes Abroad

Vertically integrated PV Company GCL-SI Will Supply Its Latest Super 2.5 MW Solar Block Modular System For 5 MW PV Plant in Australia
03:04 AM (Beijing Time) - 20. October 2017
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Being the world’s largest wafer manufacturer, GCL also expands its downstream activities and has successfully sold abroad its first ‘Super 2.5 MW Solar Block Modular System’ - a turnkey PV plant from module to transformer. Pictured is the system advertised at a GCL stand during a trade fair in Malaysia in October 2016 (Photo Credit: TaiyangNews)

Key Takeaways

  • GCL-SI has found a first customer abroad for its Super 2.5 MW Solar Block Solution to be used for utility scale applications
  • The solution uses a 96-cell solar panel with horizontal single axis tracker technology
  • An all-in-one inverter power container is offered that includes two 1,000 kW inverters with 1500 V DC system voltage and one medium voltage transformer
  • APSU Power of Australia has placed an order for two of these systems for its 5 MW solar power plant

Chinese company GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd. (GCL-SI) will be using two of its ‘Super 2.5 MW Solar Block Solution’ for a 5 MW solar PV plant in Australia. The Super 2.5 MW Solar Block modular system is designed as a fully integrated power generation unit for utility-scale PV plants.

 Designed and developed by GCL-SI, the Super 2.5 MW Solar Block uses a 96-cell solar panel over 400 W with a horizontal single axis tracker. This reduces panel fixture and electrical connection labor due to its large size and also speeds up the construction process. It also incorporates 1,500 V DC technology that ensures lower costs in cabling and power conversion enhancing system efficiency. It comes with an all-in-one inverter power container that includes two 1,000 kW inverters with 1,500 V DC system voltage and one MV transformer. The system is designed for utility scale PV plants.

APSU Power, an Australia based power station developer, will use this new technology from GCL-SI for a ground mount 5 MW PV project. Construction on the plant is expected to begin in late October 2017, completion is scheduled by coming February. Large industrial consumers will buy power from this facility.

The cooperation with APSU Power marks the first time we have sold standardization solutions for power stations,” said James Hu, vice president of GCL-SI and head of Overseas Sales.It’s also a major step for GCL-SI towards becoming a player in mainstream markets of developed countries. Facing fierce competition from European players, we have won not only the bid but the respect and recognition of clients.”

Shu Hua, President of GCL-SI said, “GCL-SI is dedicated to incorporating green energy into people’s everyday lives by developing products

that make solar technology more efficient. Now that we have clients in regions including South America, South Africa and Australia, we will put more effort towards expanding into overseas markets and driving green energy utilization everywhere.”

More information on GCL’s Super Power Block including specs is available here.

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