Perovskite Partnership For Google Cloud

Columbus Energy, Saule Technologies & Google Cloud Join Hands For Distributed Solar

Perovskite Partnership For Google Cloud

Pictured is Founder and CTO of Saule Technologies Olga Malinkiewcz with a grey perovskite module. The company is seeking a wider market for its perovskite technology through a partnership with Columbus Energy and Google Cloud. (Photo Credit: Saule Technologies)

  • Saule Technologies, Columbus Energy and Google Cloud have entered a partnership to explore applicability for perovskite solar technology
  • They plan to create new products using perovskite cells for the IoT sector and support distributed power generation
  • Google Cloud will act as a technological partner for both the companies, offering them cloud computing services

Poland based perovskite solar technology start-up Saule Technologies along with its 20% stakeholder Columbus Energy have announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to explore distributed power generation and Internet of Things (IoT).

Under the arrangement, Saule and Columbus will create new products using perovskite cell, cloud-based cells for the IoT sector, and also support the management of distributed power generation.

Saule produces thin and flexible solar cells that it claims can also work efficiently in artificial light. The trio believe these cells have the potential to work in all kinds of IoT devices in virtually all conditions and locations.

“The inability to provide IoT solutions with an independent power source has so far been the main brake on the expansion of the Internet of Things, but our perovskite cells solve this problem,” said Artur Kupczunas, Member of the Board of Saule Technologies. “Now many brilliant ideas, supported by innovative technologies Google or our partners from Columbus, a company very experienced and innovative in the field of photovoltaics, will finally have a chance to be implemented.”

Saule opened its 1st manufacturing fab in Poland in June 2021 and has been marketing its products for various uses in multiple industries including for IoT, for instance perovskite electronic shelf label (PESL) for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and retail industry segments (see Saule Technologies Targets Retail Sector).

The partnership between the trio sees the possible application of the perovskite cells n power sensors monitoring forests and other areas with risk of fire, even power drones providing medicines and food in times of need.

The strategic cooperation will also see Google Cloud acting as a technological partner for both the companies, offering them cloud computing services.

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