China PV News Snippets: Trina, Sungrow, NEA, Ginglong

Trina 100 MW 210 Agricultural & PV Project Grid-Connected; Sungrow’s Europe Energy Storage Project Gets Into Commercial Operation; China Publishes Policies To Boost Distributed PV Deployment; Ginlong Technology Releases 2021 Semi-Annual Report

China PV News Snippets: Trina, Sungrow, NEA, Ginglong

As a 100 MW agricultural and photovoltaic project using Trina Solar’s 210 Vertex 550W series in Hubei Province gets connected to the grid, it is expected to generate 110 million kWh of electricity annually, saving 42,000 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by around 104,500 tons. (Photo Credit: Trina Solar)

  • Trina Solar’s 100 MW agricultural and photovoltaic project in Hubei Province, where the company has provided its 210 Vertex 550W series has been connected to the grid
  • 100 MWh UK energy storage project online, for which Sungrow has provided energy storage system solutions
  • NEA publishes Notice on ‘Pilot Scheme of Province-Wide Distributed Rooftop Projects’
  • Ginlong Technology releases 2021 semi-annual report, registers an operating income of approximately RMB 1.45 billion

Trina 100 MW 210 agricultural & PV project connected to grid:  Trina Solar announced that a 100 MW agricultural and photovoltaic project in Hubei Province has been connected to the grid. The Chinese solar module manufacturer provided its 210 mm wafer based Vertex 550W series for the project, which is spread across 2,400 acres and expected to generate 110 million kWh of electricity annually.

China publishes policies to boost distributed PV deployment: The National Energy Administration, responsible for formulating and implementing industry policies and energy development plans in China, published a Notice on the ‘Pilot Scheme of Province-Wide Distributed Rooftop Projects’. The Notice states that at least 50% of government estate must have rooftops equipped with PV systems, 40% for non-government public buildings such as schools, hospitals, and village committees, 30% for C&I factories, and 20% for residences in rural areas. There was no mention when NEA expects these targets to be met. However, Solar PV market insight provider PV InfoLink estimates China to add 50 GW of new PV generation capacity in 2021, taking the cumulative capacity to more than 300 GW by the end of the year. In the first half of 2021, China has been able to install only 13 GW of PV capacity, but in the second half with the supportive policy, the growth of distributed generation and residential projects may increase.

Sungrow’s UK energy storage project gets into commercial operation: Sungrow announced that the UK located energy storage project Minety has been successfully connected to the grid. The Chinese inverter & storage supplier provided supplied to the 100 MW/100 MWh project both NCM and LFP battery energy storage system solutions

The project was launched end of 2019 after the UK had experienced the most debilitating blackout in nearly a decade in August 2019, exposing the lack of frequency regulation of the national grid and demonstrating the need to construct energy storage projects that can regulate the frequency of the grid in a timely fashion.

Ginlong Technology doubles operating income H1/2021: Chinese solar PV inverter manufacturer Ginlong Technologies (Solis) released its semi-annual performance report. The H1/2021 financial report showed:

  • operating income was approximately RMB 1.45 billion ($0.22 billion), which is a year-on-year increase of 99.80%
  • the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was about RMB 238 million ($36.74 million), an increase of 101.26% year-on-year
  • a gross profit margin of 27.42%
  • The sales volume of inverters was pegged at 338,300 units, and the sales revenue was approximately RMB 1.36 billion ($0.21 billion)
  • The production capacity was at 250,000 units/year, the output was 361,400 units/year, and the capacity under construction was 520,000 units/year

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