Integrated solar PV manufacturing company LONGi Solar has announced breaking 3 records for solar cell efficiency, for various cell technologies all of which are confirmed by the German Institute for Solar Energy Research (ISFH).
For N-type monocrystalline bifacial TOPCon solar cells developed by the manufacturer at its Cell R&D Center, the ISFH has confirmed a power conversion efficiency of 25.21%. This is an increase of 0.12% over the previous efficiency level of 25.09% it reported in April 2021 (see LONGi Reports 25.09% N-Type TOPCon Cell Efficiency). However, things are moving fast in TOPCOn research these days – only one day before LONGi’s release its competitor JinkoSolar claimed a 0.04% points higher efficiency for n-type TOPCon at a record-breaking level of 25.25%(see JinkoSolar: ‘Record’ 25.25% Efficiency For TOPCon Cell).
Also developed at its Cell R&D Center, LONGi’s high efficiency commercial size P-type monocrystalline bifacial TOPCon solar cell exceeded the 25% limit to reach 25.02%, ‘setting a world record’ in the process, it stated. LONGi also held the previous record level efficiency achieved on p-type substrate based on PERC technology at 24.02%.
While the generation impressing has been that LONGi is focussing on TOPCOn theses days, surprisingly its 3rd record it has announced is for the company’s commercial size monocrystalline heterojunction (HJT) solar cell. The HJT cell was produced at its New Technology R&D Centre reaching a ‘record’ 25.26% which LONGi claimed additionally placed the company at the forefront of HJT related technology. With this, LONGi has surpassed the previous record efficiency of 25.2% announced by GS-Solar in February 2021 by just 0.06% absolute (see 25.2% Efficiency For GS-Solar HJT Solar Cell).
“With the ambitious goals we have set for ourselves, our approach is to stay close to the essence of technology by selecting the best technical route, maximizing product performance potential and proactively ushering in the changes needed to achieve the technical transformation,” said Vice President and Head of LONGi Solar’s Cell R&D Center, Dr. Li Hua.
Senior Product Marketing Manager of LONGi Solar, Jason Yan recently said that his company will introduce a 22% efficient PV module product during SNEC 2021 while adding that the focus will be on higher module efficiency, higher bifaciality and lower degradation performance (see Day 1: TaiyangNews Very High-Power Solar Modules Conference).
He was speaking at the TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Very High-Power Solar Modules held in mid-May 2021 as a SNEC Preview. The recording of Yan’s conference presentation titled Analysis on the Value of Very High-Power Modules Based On LCOE is available on our YouTube channel here.