• With 1.5 GW of new solar power capacity installed in the year 2018, Netherlands exceeded 4.4 GW of cumulative PV at the end of last year, according to Statistics Netherlands or CBS
  • Private rooftop systems make up the bulk of it with more than 2.3 GW, followed by 444 MW coming from the solar parks and rooftop systems for businesses adding 1.66 GW
  • Number of solar parks too increased from 22 in 2017, growing to 65 in 2018

Latest and official numbers for solar power market in the Netherlands show it had 4,414 MW of cumulative PV installed at the end of 2018, comprising 1.5 GW deployed last year itself. The country’s Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek or Statistics Netherlands (CBS) says on overall basis, the numbers represent a growth of more than 50% on the previous year when the capacity installed numbered at 2,911 MW.

Previously shared individual and industry estimates for the 2018 numbers for Netherlands varied between 1.3 GW to 1.5 GW (see Netherlands Installed 1.33 GW Solar In 2018).

Of the overall 4.4 GW, private rooftop systems contribute with an installed capacity of 2,307 MW (2017: 1,682 MW), another 444 MW (2017: 98 MW) came from solar parks while rooftop systems for businesses added 1,662 MW (2017: 1,131 MW).

In 2017, there were 22 solar parks in the country as compared to 65 in 2018 with most of these stationed in the northern part of the country. Installed solar power capacity is highest in the western region of the Netherlands, according to CBS.