200 MW Solar Module Tender By Edison Energia

Edison Energia Group Seeking 200 MW Capacity Solar Modules For Installations In Poland Offering 350W To 500W Power Output

200 MW Solar Module Tender By Edison Energia

Edison Energia Group, the Polish PV installer has sought to procure solar PV modules worth 200 MW capacity by way of launching a tender. Along with the price quoted by the bidders, the company also wants to ensure technologically advanced and reliable devices are selected.

Through the request for proposals (RFP), Edison Energia has asked for a variety of modules to be procured including monofacial panels with power output of 350W to 500W, bifacials solar panels for large scale solar farms and full-black modules for rooftop installations.

Bidding process is being managed by another group company Menlo Electric that’s responsible for purchasing and logistics within the group and for related partners.

Last date to submit proposals is February 5, 2021 as Edison Energia wants to have modules delivered to all its companies in the group by H2/2021.

“Our ambition is to initiate the energy transformation of Poland and Central Europe on many levels. From the beginning of our activity, we have built our brand as a supplier of the highest quality installations for prosumers,” said Member of the Management Board for Sales at Edison Energia, Kamil Sankowski. “In 2020, we included heat pumps in our offer and started building a portfolio of projects in the field of photovoltaic farms. In January this year, we are launching a new product line on the market in order to be able to offer our installations at more competitive prices. The variety of available offers requires building a portfolio of modules tailored to specific needs.”

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