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Haitai Solar To Develop Solar Production Lines In Mulei & Signs 3 GW RE Agreement With SPIC, & More From National Bureau of Statistics, JSG, Guorun

China PV News Snippets

Haitai Solar and SPIC (Xinjiang) will explore power generation and equipment development projects in Mulei County. (Photo Credit: Haitai Solar)

Haitai enters framework agreement for PV production and power projects with Mulei County & SPIC; Growth rate of wind and solar power increased in China; JSG’s 2022 net profit improved 70% YoY; Guorun starts construction of Xinjiang’s 1st high efficiency n-type TOPCon cell project.

Haitai to expand capacity, in Mulei County: Green energy company Haitai Solar has entered a framework agreement with Mulei Kazakh Autonomous County and SPIC (Xinjiang) for solar PV production. It plans to invest in 1 GW PV module and 2 GW PV support production line in Mulei. Additionally, Haitai and SPIC will invest RMB 16.05 billion to develop 3 GW new wind and solar power projects along with 750,000 kW/3 million kWh energy storage capacity, the company announced on its WeChat channel.

Solar generation increased in Jan-Feb 2023 in China: Chinese National Bureau of Statistics says the production of major energy products in industries above designated size maintained YoY growth. Compared with December 2022, the production of raw coal and natural gas accelerated, while the production of crude oil and electricity slowed down. In terms of electricity production, the growth slowed down. From January to February, the power generation was 1,349.7 billion kWh, YoY increase of 0.7% , and the growth rate was 2.3 percentage points slower than that in December last year, with an average daily power generation of 22.88 billion kWh. In terms of types, from January to February, the growth of thermal power and hydropower turned from increase to decrease, the growth rate of nuclear power slowed down, and the growth rate of wind power and solar power accelerated. Among them, thermal power decreased by 2.3% year-on-year, hydropower decreased by 3.4%, nuclear power increased by 4.3%, wind power increased by 30.2%, and solar power increased by 9.3%.

JSG releases 2022 financial report: Semiconductor material equipment manufacturer JSG improved its operating income in 2022 by 78.45% YoY to RMB 10.6 billion, and increased its net profit by 70.43% to RMB 2.9 billion. Management says in 2022 it experienced increase in order volume, and actively developed innovative PV equipment thus enhancing its core competitiveness. The company also accelerated the expansion of advanced materials such as high-purity quartz crucibles and new-generation diamond wires which contributed to the rapid growth in its annual operating performance.

Guorun’s n-type cell project enters construction: Guorun Energy Xinjiang Future Double Carbon Energy has started construction on its high efficiency n-type TOPCon crystalline silicon cell project in Xinjiang with 3 GW annual capacity. According to local media, this is the 1st high efficiency n-type TOPCon cell project in Xinjiang. Once it is online, the project will generate annual sales of more than RMB 2 billion, says the company.

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