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Sungrow Wins Shandong Energy Rooftop Project Bid; China Huadian

China PV News Snippets

Solar PV inverter supplier Sungrow has won the bid for Shandong Energy Group’s 105 MW distributed rooftop photovoltaic project. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: Boonjaem/

  • Sungrow wins Shandong Energy Group’s distributed rooftop 105 MW photovoltaic project bid
  • China Huadian Group announces upcoming tender for procurement of 15 GW modules and string inverters

Sungrow wins Shandong Energy rooftop project bid: Announcing the results of its distributed rooftop photovoltaic EPC project, state-owned capital investment company, Shandong Energy Group said that solar PV inverter supplier Sungrow has won the bid. This is the first batch of 13 projects to be implemented, and the total construction capacity of the project is 105 MW. Earlier this month, Sungrow had launched its 1+X modular inverter (see China PV News Snippets)

China Huadian releases tender announcement: State-owned power generation enterprise China Huadian Group issued a tender announcement for the procurement of monocrystalline silicon solar modules and string inverters for 2022. The bid will open on February 21, 2022. The scale of module bidding is tentatively estimated at 15 GW and will be done in one lot. The procurement scale of the string inverters is tentatively estimated at 13 GW and will be divided into two lots – the first will have a scale of 1 GW and a power requirement of 30 to 150 kW string inverters; while the volume for the second will be 12 GW for 175 kW string inverters.

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