• Jiuzhou Group will be raising RMB 500 million through convertible bonds for 200 MW solar power capacity in Tailai County
  • Sungrow led demonstration project under National Key Research and Development Program has cleared comprehensive performance evaluation acceptance
  • Shanghai Electric has energized 300 MW solar power project in Argentina’s Jujuy province
  • Unisun Energy Group will deploy distributed solar PV capacity for oil fields in Jiangsu Oilfield

Jiuzhou Group raising money for 200 MW solar: Jiuzhou Group aims to raise up to RMB 500 million ($73 million) to invest in 200 MW affordable grid connected solar power generation capacity in Tailai County in the form of 2 projects of 100 MW each. Its application to offer the group’s RMB 500 million convertible bonds through an initial public offering (IPO) has been approved by Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s GEM Listing Committee, reported Polaris Solar Photovoltaic Network.

Sungrow’s project passes acceptance test: Sungrow has announced that the Flexible Grid-connected Distributed Optical Storage Power Generation Cluster Key Technology and Demonstration Project of the National Key Research and Development Program led by the company has passed comprehensive performance evaluation acceptance. It is the 1st project to pass the acceptance check of this project, Sungrow stated. The inverter maker is jointly implementing the project with Tsinghua University, Hefei University of Technology, Shanghai Electric Power Design Institute, Beijing Jianheng Certification Center, Yanshan University and other units over a 3-year period.

“The project ranges from key technologies for high -power density, plug-and play distributed power generation equipment, highpermeability distributed renewable energy power generation cluster planning and design technology, distributed renewable energy power generation cluster real-time simulation and testing technology, system integration and demonstration applications,” the company stated.

300 MW Argentina project complete: Shanghai Electric has completed the construction and grid connected a solar power project in Argentina’s Jujuy province with 300 MW capacity. It has come up in Cauchari region of the province and is financed by Export-Import Bank of China.

Partnership for distributed solar PV: Unisun Energy Group, backed by France’s Engie, has secured a contract with Sinopec Group Jiangsu Oilfield to deploy distributed solar PV capacity for oil fields in Jiangsu Oilfield, the ‘largest’ onshore oil industry production base in South China. Under phase I, 20 MW capacity is envisioned for RMB 80 million ($11.7 million) investment wherein thousands of small PV power stations will cover 2,800 oil production units in the Jiangsu oilfield spread across Jiangsu and Anhui, reported local media.