• Germany installed 223.64 MW of new solar power capacity in November 2018, according to the Federal Network Agency
  • Even though December 2018 numbers are still not in, Germany has already surpassed its 2.5 GW annual target for the first time since 2013
  • It added 2.59 GW from January to November 2018
  • Cumulative solar PV capacity in Germany at the end of November 2018 was 45.55 GW

Solar PV installations in Germany picked up pace in November 2018 when 223.64 MW were installed. That’s an increase of more than 22.8% over previous month’s total of 182 MW (see Germany Added 182 MW PV In Oct 2018), and more than 92% added in November 2017 (see Germany Adds 116 MW In November).

germany nov 2017-18 monthly installations

August was the month when the country reported its highest installation activity so far, adding 354.74 MW. In fact, each month in 2018, Germany so far has installed more solar than a year before (see graph above). Nonetheless, it is very clear now that Germany has easily surpassed its 2.5 GW annual solar PV target, for the first time since 2013. It missed the target in 2017 significantly, when it added only 1.75 GW (see Germany’s 1.75 GW Of PV In 2017 Misses Target).

With November 2018 additions, the Federal Network Agency of Germany (Bundesnetzagentur) said the country’s cumulative installed PV capacity has reached 45.55 GW of which 34.98 GW was added since 2010.

Renewables accounted for over 40% power in 2018

Solar research institute Fraunhofer ISE announced that the production of solar energy in Germany increased by 16% in 2018, and overall renewable energy accounted for 40.4% in its energy mix in 2018, increasing from 38.2% in 2017. While brown coals was still the largest power generation source in Germany in 2018, among renewables, wind provided he largest power share

However, Fraunhofer ISE professor Bruno Berger told German news outlet Spiegel Online that it the renewables growth rate is still too low to achieve the national 2030 65% renewable energy target. “Especially solar PV is being slowed down,” he emphasized.