• Germany installed 291.73 MW of new solar PV capacity in the month of July 2019
  • According to adjusted numbers for previous months, this is an increase over 270.76 MW in June 2019
  • Country’s cumulative installed solar power capacity as on July 31, 2019 stood at 48.31 GW

Germany’s Bundesnetzagentur or Federal Network Agency says the country installed 291.735 MW of new solar PV capacity during the month of July 2019, which is an increase over the 270.76 MW reported for June 2019 after upward adjustments. Previously, the initial installation figure for June 2019 was reported to be 235 MW (see Germany Installed 235 MW Solar In June 2019).

Installations for July 2019 are higher also than the 270 MW reported to have been installed a year back (see Germany Installed 270 MW PV In July 2018).

Despite adjustments for all previous months since January 2019, it is confirmed Germany has not only crossed 2 GW capacity but even reached 2,381 MW (though preliminary), which is just a little over 100 MW away from its 2.5 GW annual target 5 months before the year ends. That means Germany will for sure install more than the around 3 GW in 2018 but might even reach the 4 GW level.

With this, the country’s cumulative installed solar PV capacity at the end of July 2019 was 48.31 GW, bringing Germany quickly closer to its 52 GW cap, when no new FIT systems will be accepted anymore.

With Nearly 2.4 GW Added in First 7 months of 2019, Germany Will Easily Exceed Last Year’s 3 GW Installation