India Anti-Dumping Duty On Chinese Solar Glass

India Slaps Anti-Dumping Duty On Chinese Tempered Glass Used In Solar Panels Within Range Of $64.04 To $136.21 Per Ton

India Anti-Dumping Duty On Chinese Solar Glass

  • Indian Ministry of Finance has imposed anti-dumping duty (ADD) on tempered glass imported from China which has uses in PV and other solar applications
  • This ADD has been imposed on solar glass with a minimum of 90.5% transmission with thickness of no more than 4.2 mm
  • ADD has been fixed in the range of $64.04 To $136.21 per metric ton
  • Directorate General of Anti-Dumping & Allied Duties (DGAD) found during the investigation that local manufacturing industry had suffered in terms of profit, return on investment and cash flow
  • This decision might support Indian solar panel manufacturers that have initiated an anti-dumping case against Chinese PV panel imports to India

India has imposed an anti-dumping duty (ADD) on tempered glass used in solar panels imported from China. The ADD is in the range of $64.04 to $136.21 per metric ton, according to Mercom Communications India, a subsidiary of Mercom Capital Group of the US.

Filed by Indian glass company Gujarat Borosil Limited, the petition was investigated by the Directorate General of Anti-Dumping & Allied Duties (DGAD) and its final recommendations were accepted by the Ministry of Finance.

The government has imposed this tariff on solar glass with a minimum of 90.5% transmission with thickness of no more than 4.2 mm, and where at least one dimension exceeds 1,500 mm, whether coated or uncoated, according to Mercom. These ADD includes both solar glass used in PV panels and solar thermal applications.

The investigators didn’t find any material difference in solar glass imported from China and the products made locally. During the investigation period, DGAD found that dumped imports of solar glass from China increased significantly. As for prices, DGAD’s ‘comparison of the landed values with the non-injurious prices of the domestic Industry revealed significant price underselling’. As a result, the local glass manufacturing industry suffered with respect to profit, return on investment and cash flow, which was enough evidence for DGAD that material injury has been caused by dumped imports.

In May 2017, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry had imposed ADD on clear float glass imported from Iran. It was worked out to be $55.59 per ton (see India Anti-Dumping Duty On Iran Glass).

Although the glass case is different from the anti-dumping petition against solar modules imported from China being investigating by DGAD (see Anti-Dumping Investigation Begins In India), Priya Sanjay, Managing Director of Mercom Communications India, feels it bodes well for the solar module case.  “This result is a good sign for manufacturers in the upcoming antidumping case filed by the Indian Solar Manufacturers Association against solar imports from the region of mainland China, Taiwan, and Malaysia,” she said. Adding, “DGAD also recently recommended  imposition of an antidumping duty on imports of wind turbine castings from China.”


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