• Italy installed 42.3 MW of new PV capacity in September 2018
  • It is the highest PV capacity added during any month in 2018; in August it reported installations of 38.7 MW
  • During first 9 months of 2018, installations dropped 7% YoY to 300.9 MW
  • Residential installations up to 20 kW system capacity comprise 53% of total installed capacity in 2018

In the first nine months of 2018, Italy’s PV capacity grew by 300.9 MW. The 42.3 MW addition in September 2018 was recorded as the highest in any month during the year. In August 2018, Italy installed 38.7 MW of new capacity (see Italy Adds Only 259 MW PV In First 8 Months Of 2018).

Provisional numbers, provided by Italy’s renewable energy association Anie Rinnovabili, and based on Italian grid operator Terna’s data, show a decline of 7% from 9M/2017 when the first three quarters of the year added 323 MW, even though the 2017 numbers improved 13% over 286 MW installed in the same period in 2016.

A total of 31,541 systems under 10 kW capacity added 125.3 MW of PV in Q3/2018, while 3,607 systems up to 10 kW capacity added 175.6 MW to the total of 300.9 MW. Residential installations up to 20 kW make up 53% of the total installed capacity in 2018.

In 9M/2017, Lazio was leading the regions regarding newly installed solar capacity – it installed 81.4 MW; in 2018, it took the Lombardia only 49.1 MW to take over that position.

Anie Rinnovabili says it is too early to assess the impact of antidumping duties coming to an end for solar cells and modules post an order issued by the European Commission. But things are looking up for the country’s solar PV industry as the Italian Ministry of Economic Affairs is proposing to increase incentives for 6 GW of renewable energy installations in the county to €900 million ($1.04 billion) in a draft decree. Of this proposed capacity, most is expected to come from solar (see €900mn For New RES Installations In Italy By 2020).