• The Australian presence of France’s Neoen has submitted development application for Goyder South project to build a renewable energy facility in South Australia
  • It will comprise 1.2 GW wind, 600 MW solar and a massive storage capacity of 900 MW/1,800 MWh
  • Solar power capacity will be built in the form of 2 farms comprising a total land area of 3,000 acres in Goyder region

Neoen Australia Pty Ltd has submitted development application for a renewable energy facility with storage in South Australia’s Goyder region. The Goyder South Hybrid Renewable Energy Facility is planned to be capable of delivering reliable, dispatchable power throughout day and night that was first announced in September 2019 (see Neoen Proposes 1.8 GW Wind Solar/900 MW Storage Project).

With this application more details are emerging of the project that Neoen says is part of the Goyder Renewables Zone (GRZ) it has been developing since 2017. It plans to submit a separate development application for the Goyder North project in the future.

The entire facility is proposed to be developed in 3 separate stages of 400 MW wind, 200 MW solar and 300 MW/600 MWh storage each. Once the project is completely online, it is expected to generate over 4.8 TWh of clean power annually.

Neoen holds the distinction of having brought online the 315 MW Hornsdale Wind Farm and the Hornsdale Power Reserve with the world’s largest lithium-ion battery having 129 MWh storage system from Tesla, which it claims has saved consumers $40 million in 2018 and $116 million in 2019 by ‘suppressing the prices of various grid stability services previously provided exclusively by gas generators’. The Goyder South project will host a much larger battery storage capacity.

In May 2020, Neoen announced securing a power purchase agreement (PPA) for 320 MW solar power capacity with Queensland based clean energy utility CleanCo. This capacity is part of the ‘largest’ solar farm in Australia with 400 MW for which it will deploy bifacial solar panels (see Neoen To Build 400 MW Solar Farm In Queensland).