Over 2 GW Solar Approved For Ceará

Coema Gives Environmental Clearance For 2.142 GW Solar Capacity In Brazil’s Ceará State

Over 2 GW Solar Approved For Ceará

Among the projects whose environmental clearance has been given by Coema in Ceará is Enel Green Power Brasil’s 241.48 MW strong Quixeré photovoltaic complex. Pictured is the company’s Ituverava Solar Project in Brazil. (Photo Credit: Enel Spa)

  • Coema of Brazil has cleared environmental license for 3 renewable energy projects, all of 2.142 GW representing solar energy technology
  • The projects will be located in the municipalities of Jaguaretama, Quixeré and Umari
  • Largest of the lot with 1.584 GW capacity has been proposed by Uruquê Jaguaretama Energias Renováveis ​​Ltda

The state environmental council of the Brazilian state of Ceará, Coema has given its nod to 3 new renewable energy energy projects, all representing solar PV technology with a combined capacity of 2.142 GW, clearing their environmental licensing.

Of the 3 projects, the Jaguaretama project will have the largest capacity of 1.584 GW, planned to be set up in the form of 33 solar PV plants in almost 5,000 hectares of land. It has been proposed by a company called Uruquê Jaguaretama Energias Renováveis ​​Ltda. It will be located in the municipality of Jaguaretama.

The same company has also submitted plans to develop Umari Solar Plant in Umari with 316.5 MW AC solar PV capacity in the form of 7 projects between the municipalities of Icó and Lavras da Mangabeira, covering 1,267.65 hectares.

Another facility has been put forward by Enel Green Power Brasil Participações Ltda. It will develop 241.48 MW of solar capacity in the Quixeré photovoltaic complex to be spread in some 1,102.24 hectares. It will be spread across in 5 sub-parks in the municipality of Quixeré.

This environmental licensing paves the way for the state’s environmental agency Semace to issue installation license for the project.

In September 2021, Coema cleared the environmental license of 230 MW solar energy project (see Latin America PV News Snippets: Shell, MME, Coema).

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