Poland Exceeds 5 GW Cumulative Solar Power Capacity

Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne Says Poland’s Aggregate Solar PV Capacity Exceeds 5 GW; Numbers Show 700 MW+ Additions In Q2/2021

Poland Exceeds 5 GW Cumulative Solar Power Capacity

Since PSE does not provide any quarterly or monthly PV additions, but only cumulative, comparing numbers it has released shows during Q1/2021, Poland should have added around 534 MW, and around 765 MW in Q2/2021.

  • According to Poland’s PSE, the country had well over 5 GW solar power capacity on cumulative basis till June 30, 2021
  • It should mean there was an addition of 765 MW during Q2/2021, since till March 2021, the numbers had reached 4.46 GW
  • It shows around 255 MW of monthly capacity addition during April, May and June 2021

Polish grid operator Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE) has announced Poland exceeding 5 GW of cumulative solar power capacity, recording 5,232 MW of total capacity by June 30, 2021. On its Twitter account, the grid operator said this is according to the data submitted by transmission system operator (TSO).

The last time PSE shared aggregate PV numbers for Poland was till March 31, 2021 as 4,469.8 MW (see Poland: Total PV Capacity Till March 2021 Exceeds 4.46 GW). Basis this difference one can deduce that there was an addition of 765.2 MW during Q2/2021, meaning on an average there could have been a monthly addition of around 255 MW during the period, since PSE doesn’t provide a monthly break up.

According to Fitch Solutions, Poland is a market to watch out for by 2030 as it sees supportive government policies, regulatory easing, supportive tariffs and competitive costs leading the market to achieve 16.9 GW of total capacity, a decade earlier than the official target under PEP 2040 (see Fitch Solutions Expects 16.9 GW Solar For Poland By 2030).

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