• A news report by Balkan Green Energy News says in the year 2019, Slovenia installed 31.2 MW of new PV capacity
  • At least 2,482 systems of the total 2,496 installed last year were for self-consumption
  • Altogether, at the end of 2019, Slovenia’s total installed solar PV capacity reached 313 MW with 8,038 systems

Till the end of 2019, Slovenia’s total installed solar power capacity reached 313 MW with 8,038 solar power units generating 268 GWh of clean power annually. To this total, 31.2 MW was installed in 2019 through 2,496 PV systems, reflecting an increase of 233% over previous year.

According to Balkan Green Energy News, there was high demand for solar in the country  last year with 2,482 systems equal to 20.68 MW of the total annual additions being used for self-consumption. Up to 11 kW can be installed for self-consumption with excess energy sent back to the grid.

Slovenians seem to be shopping for solar panels inspired by the falling prices of components, ‘well-tailored state support models and reduction of administrative barriers’.

Balkan Green Energy News also points at the state support scheme for renewable energy sources (RES) and high-efficiency cogeneration (CHP) that’s encouraging installations in Slovenia. In July 2020, the Energy Agency of Slovenia invited applications to award a support package of an overall €10 million ($11.75 million) under the scheme. It intends to select new and refurbished power generating renewable energy or CHP facilities that will be eligible for state support under the scheme

Registration is open until September 10, 2020. Details of the call are available on the agency’s website.