• Solar PV project developers had the last laugh as solar won entire capacity offered under the joint auction for wind and solar in Germany
  • Wind power developers did not bid for the tender leaving all of 200 MW on offer to be won by solar; the latter secured 203.72 MW
  • Winning bids for this auction ranged between €0.0497 per kWh to €0.0561 per kWh as the lowest and highest range

Solar did it again in Germany, winning all of the 200 MW capacity offered in this year’s first joint wind and solar PV auction. With no wind power projects offering their candidature, it was solar all the way again after laying claim to the entire capacity in similar previous auctions (see Wind Gets No Bids & Solar All In German Joint Tender).

Even though 200 MW was offered under the tender by Germany’s regulator Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency), it was oversubscribed with 113 bids coming in with a total of 553.169 MW. The agency awarded 203.72 MW to 30 bids.

Winning capacity will be located in 10 federal states and most of it will be in the following regions:

  • Bavaria 75.476 MW
  • Saarland 40.00 MW
  • Brandenburg 35.281 MW
  • Saxony-Anhalt 23.907 MW

The auction attracted the lowest winning bid at €0.0497 ($0.0546) per kWh while the highest was €0.0561 ($0.0617) per kWh, and the average winning bid was determined as €0.0533 ($0.0586) per kWh. In the previous auction in November 2019, these were realized at  €0.0488 per kWh, €0.0574 per kWh and €0.0540 per kWh, respectively.

Referring to COVID-19, the agency said it will make further announcements regarding the process to be followed by successful bidders after the situation has calmed down. Winning developers usually have 2 years to install the systems.

Bundesnetzagentur will hold the next technology neutral tender for onshore wind and solar PV on June 1, 2020.

The solar industry of Germany was in for a good news recently when the government lifted the 52 GW solar cap on PV installations to 98 GW (see Germany Lifts 52 GW Cap On Solar).