IEA Sees Solar PV To Become World’s Largest Power Capacity By 2027

Renewables To Become Largest Source Of Global Electricity Generation By Early 2025 With Wind & Solar PV Accounting For Almost 20% Global RE Share In 2027, Says IEA

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has offered an upward revision of its renewable power forecast—its ‘largest ever.’ The Renewables 2022 – Analysis and Forecast to 2027  report expects renewables to grow by almost 2.4 TW during 2022-.

BloombergNEF Forecasts 160 GW New Solar PV Build In 2021

BloombergNEF: 160 GW Solar PV Capacity In 2021 Under Conservative Scenario, Growing To A Maximum Of 209 GW; Sees Enough Polysilicon Outside Xinjiang To Fuel Demand In Face Of Anticipated Sanctions

The year 2021 is likely to see the world installing a minimum of 160 GW new solar PV capacity under the most conservative scenario, which can also go up to as much as 209 GW, at least according to the 1Q 2021 Global PV Market Outlook published by Blo.

Bloomberg Expects 1,400 GW PV For Europe By 2050

Experts See Solar Power Becoming Dominant Source Of Electricity Generation; Bloomberg NEF Says Solar Could Account For 36% Share In European Electricity Mix By 2050

Jenny Chase of Bloomberg NEF, speaking in a webinar hosted by SolarPower Europe, said solar PV could account for 1.4 TW of PV capacity providing a 36% power generation share if Europe reached a level of around 87% renewables in the continent’s power mix by 2050.

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