China PV News Snippets: CGN, Trina

China Solar Projects Rise By 32.4% In First Quarter; Trina Solar And Sumida To Develop Overseas New Energy Projects; Just #OneDayLeft For TaiyangNews Conference On Solar Trackers

China solar projects rise by 32.4% in first quarter: In an announcement, China General Nuclear Power (CGN) New Energy said that the company and its subsidiaries power generation on a consolidated basis amounted to 1,679.2 GWh for the month of March 2021, representing an increase of 17.2% compared with the corresponding period of 2020.

China PV News Snippets: GCL, Daheng, Tianjin, Jinko

GCL To Sell 2nd Batch Of 469 MW Power Plants To China Three Gorges; Daheng’s 1st Solar Unit Smart PV System Grid-Connected; Tianjin & China Huadian Sign Agreement; Jinko Ranks 1st In 2020 Japanese Module Shipment Market Report

GCL to sell 2nd batch of 469 MW power plants to China Three Gorges: In an announcement, Xian GCL New Energy and Suzhou GCL New Energy (indirect subsidiaries of GCL-Poly and GNE) said that they and Three Gorges Asset Management Co., Ltd have entered into the second phase share purchase agreements.

China PV News Snippets: Beijing Enterprises, Trina

Beijing Enterprises and Shanxi Government sign 100 MW PV project agreement; Trina Solar provides green energy to school in rural Laos

Beijing Enterprises and Shanxi Government sign 100 MW PV project agreement: Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Group Limited and the People’s Government of Lan County, Luliang City, Shanxi Province have formally signed a framework agreement for the development of photovoltaic power generation projects with a project capacity of 100 MW, the company said in an announcement.

China PV News Snippets: JinkoSolar, Qianyuan, GCL, GoodWe

Jinkosolar Ranks 1st In India’s PV Module Market Ranking; Qianyuan To Invest RMB 800 Mn In 200 MW Hydro-PV Station; GCL To Sell 321 MW PV Power Plant To China Three Gorges; Goodwe Launches String Inverter For Utility Projects

JinkoSolar ranks 1st in India’s PV module market ranking: Chinese companies JinkoSolar, LONGi, Risen Energy, Trina Solar, and Suntech ranked among the top 5 module shipments in India in 2020, according to a Polaris Solar article that quoted data from Chinese market research firm GESSEY Consulting.

China PV News Snippets: LONGi, Tongwei, Energy China, Ancai

LONGi Solar Secures 500 MW Orders From Pakistan; Tongwei 210mm Cell Price Reduced By RMB 0.13/W; LONGi Announces Latest Silicon Wafer Prices; Energy China Sign Million-KW Energy Base Agreement; Ancai Hi-Tech 2020 Annual Report Released

LONGi Solar secures 500 MW orders from Pakistan: Chinese vertically integrated solar PV company LONGi Solar confirmed that the sale of solar modules to Pakistan for 2021 has reached 500 MW.

China PV News Snippets: JA Solar, Guan Sheng, Jinergy

JA Solar Launches Deepblue 3.0 Light Modules; Guan Sheng To Build 4 PV Glass And Production Lines; Jinneng HJT M6 Cell Efficiency Touches 24.3%; Hangzhou First Releases 2020 Annual Report; Guodian Power & Shandong Zhucheng Sign 100 MW PV Project Agreement

JA Solar launches DeepBlue 3.0 Light modules for distributed solar PV Market: At the 16th China (Jinan) Solar Utilization Convention and Exhibition, PV panel maker JA Solar launched its DeepBlue 3.0 Light high-efficiency module, which is tailored for commercial and residential rooftop solar systems in the global market.

China PV News Snippets: Yingfa, Xinte, Trina, Risen

Yingfa Produces 210 Large-Size Solar Cells; Shuangliang And Xinte Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement; Trina Solar’s Tracker Lands In Uzbekistan; Risen Cambodia PV Plant Generates Power; Priority For Clean Energy Online: National Energy Administration

Yingfa produces 210 large-size solar cells: Electronic product component manufacturer Yingfa Group’s 7.5 GW crystalline silicon solar cell production line was officially put into operation.

China PV News Snippets: JinkoPower, Huawei, State Grid

JinkoPower 2020 Net Profit Decreases By 27.60%; Huawei Releases White Paper; China PV Capacity To Reach 560 GW By 2025; State Grid Jilin To Build 100 MW Agricultural And PV Project; Lingda And GCL Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

JinkoPower 2020 net profit decreases by 27.60% year-on-year: PV power station operator JinkoPower, releasing its 2020 annual performance report, stated that there has been a year-on-year decrease of 32.88%, and its total operating income stood at RMB 3.5 billion ($0.54 billion).

China News PV Snippets: Luoyang, China Power, LONGi

6 China Ministries Organize 2nd Batch Of PV Pilot Demonstration; Luoyang Partners With Golden Horse For PV Glass Development; 15.1% Profit Growth For China Power; LONGi Proposes New Development Goal

6 Chinese ministries organize 2nd batch of smart PV pilot demonstration: With an intent to promote and encourage high-quality development, technological progress, and expanded application of smart PV industry, six Ministries of People’s Republic of.

China PV News Snippets: Lingda, Konka, Zhonghuan, Huawei

First Phase Of Lingda’s Silicon Cell Production Line To Reach 3 GW; Konka New Materials Invests RMB 2 Billion In PV Glass; Zhonghuan’s 50 GW (G12) Production Project In Ningxia Begins; Huawei Releases Smart Optical And Smart String Energy Storage Solutions

First phase of Lingda’s silicon cell production line to reach 3 GW:  Wang Zhengyu, chairman and president  of Lingda Group, a Chinese company active in waste heat power generation among others, said in the 2020 annual results briefing that Phas.

China PV News Snippets: Autowell, Trina, Lu’an Solar

Autowell 2020 Profit To Increase By 111.57%; Logistic Companies Recognize Trina’s 600W+ PV Module Packaging Method; Lu’an PERC Exports Increase By 129% Month-On-Month In Feb

Autowell 2020 profit to increase by 111.57% year-on-year: Disclosing its annual report, solar equipment manufacturer Autowell Technology said that in the year 2020, it has realized a revenue of RMB 1.14 billion ($0.18 billion), which is a year-on-year increase of 51.67%.

China PV News Snippets: Zhonghuan, Sineng, JYT

Zhonghuan Semiconductor Releases 2020 Annual Report; Sineng Electric’s 250kw String Inverter The First To Pass National Certification; JYT To Achieve Net Profit Of RMB 422 Mn

Zhonghuan Semiconductor releases 2020 annual report: Publishing its 2020 annual report, Chinese solar wafer manufacturer Zhonghuan Semiconductor (TZS) said that during the reporting period, it achieved an operating income of RMB 19.05 billion (RMB 2.93 billion), a year-on-year increase of 12.85%.

China PV News Snippets: Akcome, LONGi

Akcome To Sell Part Of 400 MW Power Station To Fujian SPIC; LONGi To Build 5 GW Monocrystalline Production Line; Polycrystalline Material Quotations Released; Solar Power Generation Increase

Akcome to sell part of 400 MW power station to Fujian SPIC: Akcome Technology announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Suzhou Zhongkang Power and its shareholding company Akcome Energy have signed a letter of intent with State Power Investment Group Fujian New Energy Co., Ltd.

China PV News: GCL, China Datang, Risen, GGE, Trina

GCL Announces Silicon Technology Breakthrough; China Datang Feb Power Generation Capacity Out; Risen & GGE Sign EPC Agreement For 100 MW PV Project; Trina’s 82 MWp Colombia Project Connected To Grid

GCL announces granular silicon technology breakthrough: Chinese solar grade polysilicon producer GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd announced that various standards of its granular silicon, based on Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR), have made breakthroughs in terms of achieving monocrystalline purity at its 10,000 metric ton FBR factory.

China PV News Snippets: JinkoSolar, Sungrow, Kong Sun

Jinkosolar Signs 100 MW Module Supply Deal With Pak; Sungrow Signs Supply Agreement For Brazil’s 852 MW PV Plant; Power Generation Capacity Of Kong Sun PV Plants At 243 GWh; Canadian Solar Sells 61 MW Solar Plants In Japan

JinkoSolar signs 100 MW module supply deal with Pakistan: Module supplier JinkoSolar has signed a 100 MW module supply deal, forging a long-term development partnership with Pakistani solar firm AE Power.

China PV Snippets: LONGi, Shuangliang, Luneng

Longi To Acquire 27.25% Equity Of CENTER; Shuangliang Wins Phase I Of Tongwei’s 40,000-Ton Silicon Project;  Jiangsu Luneng Begins Construction Of HJT, Topcon Production Lines; Guangdong No.2 Subsidiary Signs 700 MW PV Power Project

LONGi announced that it intends to acquire 27.25% of the total share capital of CENTER International Group, a Beijing based manufacturer of 'high end metal building cladding systems' to expand its scope in the distributed market (source: LONGi)..

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