China PV Snippets: Zhongli, Chint, Yingli, Sineng, Trina

Zhongli Sells 130 MW PV Station; Chint Partners With Wuerhe Govt; Yingli Delivers PV Modules To Middle East Plants; Sineng Invests RMB 50 Mn; 2 Linyang PV Projects Gird-Connected; Trina Completes 35 MW Solar Plant Construction

Zhongli to sell 130 MW PV power station: In a company announcement, solar module supplier Zhongli Group said that three of its wholly-owned subsidiaries have signed an equity transfer agreement with China Power Investment.

Vietnam: Rooftop Solar Installed Capacity Exceeds 9.5 GW

Vietnam Reports 9.5 GW Installed Rooftop Solar PV Capacity Till January 5, 2021—Exceeding 1 GW Target 5 Years Ahead Of Scheduled 2025 Date—Thanks To Rush To Avail Attractive Feed-in-Tariff Before December 31, 2020 Deadline

Till January 5, 2021, Vietnam’s installed rooftop solar PV capacity reached 9,583 MW with 101,996 installations, according to Electricity of Vietnam (EVN). This capacity fed 1,337,093 MWh to the grid till the end of the reporting period.

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