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Autonomous Battery Free Solar Refrigerated Mini – Milk Tank From FREECOLD

A Cool PV Cold Storage Solutions

Pure solar-cooled drinks: FREECOLD developed a battery-free, self-sufficient solar refrigerated mini-tank, MTR50, for storage of milk and juices. The product made it to the ‘finalists’ round of the Intersolar Award 2022. (Source: FREECOLD)

  • MTR50, from FREECOLD is a PV powered 50 litre milk tank designed for milk producers in remote areas 
  • The cooling capacity of the product brings down the temperature to 4 °C in 3 hours referring to the ambience temperature of 30 °C  
  • MTR50 features a patented “FREECOLD Ecotainer” gel that helps in maintaining temperature of the refrigerator during non sunny hours 
  • The inner tank is made of aluminum and is provided with automatic UV light disinfection unit that keeps the content fresh. 

FREECOLD is a provider of direct solar cooling solutions such as coolers, freezers and air conditioners. The battery-free, self-sufficient solar refrigerated mini-tank MTR50 was a finalist in the Intersolar Award 2022 innovation league. 

It is a solar cooling system for smaller producers of milk or juices in sunny and even remote regions. Solar power is used directly without the need of DC/AC conversion or power storage. The 50 litre tank capacity is sufficient for two milking cycles, according to the company. Its high cooling power allows it to lower the volume of one milking to a temperature of 4 °C in 3 hours with an outside temperature of 30 °C. The outer body of the double-walled tank is rotomolded in an unbreakable impact-resistance plastic and injected with polyurethane foam as the insulation medium. 

Placed between the tank and the outer body, the evaporator is embedded in the patented FREECOLD Ecotainer gel to maintain the storing conditions even after the sunny hours and also for storing the milk from evening cycle. A stirring pedal allows for the retention of homogenized temperature and fat without foaming during the night hours. Keeping hygiene in view, the tank interior is made of aluminum and has an automatic UV light disinfection unit. This keeps milk or juice fresh, even at high temperatures, until it is sold. The 450W power refrigeration unit is placed under the tank. Perforated side covers allow heat dissipation from the compressor. Three PV modules of the European brand are delivered as part of the kit. 

The text is an excerpt from TaiyangNews report on New Solar Products Overview 9M/2022, which can be downloaded for free here.

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