Chinese solar module company Astronergy, a subsidiary of Chint Group, has expanded its ASTRO series of high efficiency solar modules with the launch of ASTRO 6 modules having up to 21.57% efficiency, as announced by the company during SNEC 2021. It uses gallium doped 210mm wafer size for the new product.
It has brought out 2 variants of the new module. ASTRO 6 Semi is a monofacial module with a power rating of between 650W to 670W, and ASTRO 6 Twins as a bifacial module having between 640W to 660W output.
For this ‘SuperPERC 4.0’ module technology, Astronergy has used multi-bus bar (MBB) half-cut cells with 66-cell configuration. It claims non-destructive cutting ensures the modules do not suffer micro-cracks.
Astronergy argues that the modules using 210 mm wafer size, have low balance of cost (BOS) and levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) since it claims to use innovative packaging which reduces damage rate and transportation costs.
The company also used the SNEC platform to launch its own tracker system calling it TELOGY Tracker with 5-year product warranty.
During TaiyangNews Very High-Power Solar Modules Virtual Conference in May 2021, Astronergy Chint’s AJ Hu spoke about her company’s ASTRO 5s—New Generation of High Efficiency Residential Modules based on 182mm wafer technology – and this presentation recording is available on our YouTube channel here.