Energetica Industries, Europe’s larger solar module manufacturer with 600 MW capacity in Austria, has unveiled its new module product touting it as the ‘1st’ solar panel from Europe to use gapless technology. The series will be available commercially from Q4/2021.
The new module product with 12 busbar is called E.gapless m hc and this 132-half-cell format (almost the same as 60-cell format) will deliver an output of up to 425W with an efficiency of up to 21.4%. It achieves higher module efficiency by eliminating cell gaps in the cell strings to produce between 400W and 425W.
Energetica explains, “A slightly overlapping arrangement of the cells in the string makes it possible to optimize the use of the module area, to accommodate two additional rows of six half-cells each and to further increase efficiency.”
The company said it has been testing the new gapless technology for over 2 years and calls it an important innovation in PV module construction.
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