• LONGi Solar of China has reported its 72-cell bifacial half-cut module to have exceeded 450-watt front side power capacity
  • Certified by TÜV-SÜD, LONGi Solar claims this is the ‘world’s highest power in this module type’
  • This achievement follows a year after it reported 60-cell monocrystalline half-cut PERC module of the company to have exceeded 360-watt power capacity

LONGi Solar has announced it made a module with over 450 W power rating on the front side of its bifacial module using half cut cells. Usually a 72 cell module, when using half cut cells, the module comes with 144 cells. This, it claims is the ‘world’s highest power in this module type’. Germany’s certification company TÜV-SÜD has tested and verified the power rating.

“LONGi monocrystalline half-cell module combines monocrystalline PERC cell technology and bifacial half-cell module construction to effectively reduce package loss and increase average output by 5-10 W. Half-cell has obvious advantages in power generation under weak light and shadow conditions and excellent heat spot resistance,” said LONGi Solar Vice President Dr Lv Jun.

This feat comes a year after the Chinese company reported its 60-cell equivalent monocrystalline half-cut PERC module exceeding 360 W power capacity, which then was the highest power for a module in this category.

LONGi Solar is aggressively working on its massive capacity expansion plans to nearly double module production capacity to 16 GW this year and reach 65 GW of ingot/wafer capacity by 2021 (see LONGi 2018 Revenues Went Up 34.38%).