Mitrex’s Solar Brick With 330W Output

Canadian Module Maker Introduces Solar Brick As BIPV Integrated Façade

Mitrex’s Solar Brick With 330W Output

Mitrex claims its Solar Brick offers the look of a traditional masonry brick wall while also generating energy through embedded solar panels. (Photo Credit: Mitrex-Integrated Solar Technology)

  • Mitrex has launched a solar brick wall that allows generation of clean energy through embedded solar panels
  • Each module in the 59 kW solar installation comes with up to 330W power output and is spread over 4,000 SF area
  • Mitrex says the panels can be incorporated on any structure, last for years and come with anti-reflective and anti-soiling properties

Building integrated PV (BIPV) solar technology company Mitrex has launched a solar integrated façade solution in the form of a brick wall.  Each panel has an output of up to 330 W while maintaining the aesthetics of the installation creating a traditional masonry brick look.

The said installation on a post-war era building matches the existing brick façade with a 59 kW system spanning over 4,000 SF, opening up the possibility for further and expanded application of this technology. Mitrex says its Made in Canada modules have a customizable facing layer with patented coatings that come with anti-reflective and anti-soiling properties.

It is offering various panel sizes to allow these to be incorporated on any structure, and guarantees for them to last for years. The company says this solar cladding product is suitable for both new construction projects or retrofits of older structures, including recladding or over-cladding.

The BIPV manufacturer launched its new solar fab in Canada’s Toronto in December 2021 with capacity to roll out 25,000 sq. ft. solar integrated panels everyday as solar classing and solar glass for windows and railings (see New BIPV Factory By Mitrex Commissioned In Canada).

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