Spain headquartered solar PV equipment manufacturer Mondragon Assembly has introduced a new bussing machine called IC-120 that it claims is compatible with all cell sizes including the most talked about ones of late, M10 (182mm), and M12 (210mm).
The new automatic cell stringer from Mondragon Assembly can roll out modules with glass/backsheet, glass/glass, monofacial or bifacial passivated emitter and rear contact (PERC), passivated emitter rear locally-diffused (PERL) and passivated emitter rear totally diffused (PERT) modules with full and half cut cells.
It can also produce further advanced technologies as building integrated PV (BIPV) modules, as well as promising future cell technologies as heterojunction (HJT) and TOPCon.
Mondragon further added that its new offering is capable of running nonstop for more than 8 hours with a global uptime of 99%, and can interconnect an unlimited number of ribbons and wires. The total capacity IC-120 offers 400 MW annual module capacity for M6 modules, and 550 MW per year for modules with M12 cells. On an average it can roll out 120 modules per hour.
Very High-Power Solar Modules was the subject of TaiyangNews virtual conference in May 2021 where leading PV suppliers showcased their latest products. Recordings of the presentations from the event are available on our YouTube channel. On the occasion, TaiyangNews launched the Very High-Power Modules 2021 Report which can be downloaded for free from our website.