• Heraeus Photovoltaics has introduced new metallization pastes in its portfolio
  • The 5 new pastes are part of its high performance Series 7 paste line, it says
  • All the new pastes are designed to meet specific manufacturing needs of solar cell production

Germany’s Heraeus Photovoltaics has launched some new series of its ‘newest and most advanced’ metallization pastes. It says the high-performance Series 7 paste line can increase power output and efficiency across all mainstream solar cell technology.

The company says its 5 new ‘high-performing’, high-efficiency’ pastes launched under Series 7 are designed for specific manufacturing needs.

A new generation front side silver paste for PERC+SE, SOL9671B is targeted for single-print and dual-print offering ultra-fine line screen printing, superior metallization on ULDE plus SE, high Voc by extra protection on laser damaged selective emitter.

Another in the series, SOL6700B dual printing busbar paste is compatible with a variety of mainstream cell technologies, says Heraeus while claiming it provides excellent adhesion and wide soldering window. It can help cell makers lower their manufacturing costs by lending higher efficiency.

N-Type front side paste SOL9390A lends better contact resistivity for p+emitter and improves printability/line uniformity while offering low metal induced recombination for higher Voc. Heraeus says this paste is compatible with double and dual printing.

SOL7300 paste under Series 7 is excellent for contact resistivity, says the management, even when fired at lower temperatures. It supports ultra-thin poly layer enabling manufacturers go achieve high performance of N-Type cells with TOPCon on rear.

Another paste in the series is SOL590, a low-temperature heterojunction (HJT) paste offering ‘outstanding efficiency gain, greater adhesion and solder ability, and can lower paste consumption’. Heraeus says it has used innovative silver powder improvements for this one.

“Cell manufacturers continue to search for new ways to deliver greater PERC efficiencies and improve module reliability. The newest additions to the SOL 7 Series paste portfolio are designed to help them achieve that,” said Heraeus Photovoltaics’ President Wen Zhou.

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