Robot For Solar Project Construction

AES Corporation Launches Solar Installation Robot For New Construction

Robot For Solar Project Construction

A strategic investor in 5B whose technology allows deployment of pre-fabricated solar modules at a faster rate, AES Corporation has now come out with a solar installation robot to do the heavy work of deployment on the field. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: anatoliy_gleb/

  • AES Corporation has introduced a new AI enabled solar robot called Atlas
  • The robot will deploy solar modules at a faster rate and help scale new solar resources
  • It will enable shorter project timelines and lower overall energy costs, the company said
  • The robot was designed over the years by AES and built with various partners including Calvary Robotics

US based electricity utility AES Corporation has unveiled a robot called Atlas to construct new solar facilities. This ‘first-of-its-kind’ solar robot was designed by AES over the years and built in cooperation with Calvary Robotics and other partners.

The artificial intelligence (AI) enabled solar robot will enable rapid deployment of new solar resources at scale, explained the company. It plans to use the robot as a ‘next generation tool’ that will be the heavy duty tasks of lifting, placing and attaching modules.

With a robot at work, AES believes Atlas can help fill up the resource gap for the US to reach its 100% clean energy goal by 2035. Such solutions can automate 70% of solar construction and 25% of O&M services.

“The AI-enabled, first-of-its-kind Atlas robot automates the construction of new solar resources, enabling a safer work environment, shorter project timelines and lower overall energy costs,” explained AES Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer Chris Shelton.

The company targets to sign 5 GW of renewable energy power purchase agreements (PPA) in 2021 with 9.2 GW of backlog at the end of Q3/2021 (see North America PV News Snippets).

AES is one of the investors in Australian company 5B whose technology incorporates installing pre-wired, pre-fabricated solar solution Maverick at scale as it is easy to fold, ship and roll out. The company had said it will benefit from the use of Maverick technology (see US Power Generator Invests In Australian Solar Firm).

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