Solar Roof From Mitrex

Mitrex Colored Solar Panels To Serve As Roof To Generate Solar Power With Aesthetics Intact

Solar Roof From Mitrex

Aesthetics intact: The BIPV panels from Mitrex come with UV stable and fade resistant that keeps the aesthetics intact for many years. (Source: Mitrex)

  • The BIPV panels from Mitrex looks like typical roofing materials which enables visual integration 
  • With the power rating of 350W, these panels are available in four popular colors and compatible for new constructions 
  • Solar Roof is designed with anti-soiling coatings that require low maintenance, according to the company’s advertisement 

Mitrex, a Canadian BIPV expert, is a supplier of a wide range of building integrated PV systems, and the Solar Roof was its most recent solution. The Solar Roof is a simply colored solar panel that enables homeowners to generate solar power without sacrificing roof aesthetics.  

The panels are made to look like typical roofing materials including asphalt and slate tiles. Essentially, this enables visual integration with the roofing material. They have solar cells sandwiched between a customizable tempered glass front and a conventional frame, and the resulting modules have a power rating of 350 W. These panels are available in four popular roofing patterns and can be modified for bigger orders. The panels are also able to seamlessly blend into pre-existing roof designs while also being equally compatible with new constructions.  

The colors on these patterned solar panels are UV-stable and fade-resistant. This ensures a beautiful, energy-generating roof for many years. More importantly, Mitrex Solar Roof is advertised to require no maintenance due to anti-soiling coatings that limit dust and dirt accumulation on the modules’ surface. More importantly, the panels are installed in the same manner as ordinary solar panels. 

The text is an excerpt from TaiyangNews report on New Solar Products Overview 9M/2022, which can be downloaded for free here. 

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