Vanguard And Agile Solar Trackers From TrinaTracker

TrinaTracker Offers High Quality Solar Tracking Solutions That Focus On Proprietary Components And Reduces O&M Costs

Vanguard And Agile Solar Trackers From TrinaTracker

Shorter installation times: TrinaTracker’s products feature a patented spherical bearing design platform that brings several benefits – self-maintenance, post twist avoidance, elimination of failures on the drive, and reduced installation times by 15%. (Source: TrinaTracker)

  • TrinaTracker’s solar trackers are designed based on wind tunnel tests and are compatible for all high power modules of upto 670W including bifacial
  • The Vanguard 1P tracker is an independent , single row, single axis tracker with a 3-dimensional articulation bearing, patented Trina Clamp and dual dampers for improved stability and adaptability to terrain
  • The Vanguard 2P tracker comes with multi-drive system, 170mm torque tube and short torque transmission
  • The Agile 1P tracker is a dual row single axis tracker with a slewing drive, 1 linear actuator and cardan design for ease assembly and reduced installation time
  • All three trackers offers high slope tolerances and tracking ranges with ability to accommodate up to 120 modules.

TrinaTracker has provided a long list of important attributes for its products for our recent 2nd TaiyangNews Market Survey on Solar Trackers. First, the quality and standards: the company’s trackers are designed based on the results from the wind tunnel tests carried out by the global wind engineering leaders in the industry—RWDI & CPP—and verified with PV consultancy leaders such as sbp sonne. Trina also says that its products are verified by DNV for bankability.

TrinaTracker’s R&D, industrial and Engineering teams focus on the development of state-of-the-art design and proprietary components such as “Spherical Bearing” and “Trina Clamp” that allow fast installation and high adaptability of the trackers in complex terrains. Moreover, its patented SuperTrack tracker algorithm increases energy production by up to 8% in areas with low and diffuse irradiation and sites with multiple slopes (see A ‘SuperTrack’er). Finally, the proprietary Trina Smart Cloud reduces O&M activities during the plant operation phase by providing real-time monitoring and control of all the elements that the PV plant comprises. As a result, Trina says it offers the market the opportunity to increase revenues from their PV investments by installing innovative tracking solutions in any possible location, something that was not possible a few years ago. The products are compatible with all module varieties in general, including bifacial and ultra high power modules of + 670 W. The products are also compatible with the most popular cleaning robots available in the market.

Moving on to the specifics of each of the 3 trackers listed by TrinaTracker in the survey, Vanguard 1P is the latest addition. It is an independent, single-row, single-axis, 1P configuration tracker. Similar to the other two, this product also shares the patented spherical bearing design platform, which according to the company is a 3-dimensional articulation bearing with more than 15 years of proven efficiency in harsh environments. The bearings offer advantages such as: self-maintenance, post twist avoidance, elimination of failures on the drive, reduced installation time by 15%, and it avoids repeated calibration during the installation process and provides better adaptation to terrains. The Vanguard 1P is also provided with a patented Trina Clamp that reduces installation times by 65% and dual dampers increase system stability with a 20% improvement in the tracking resistance to wind gusts in all directions. This tracker is built with a rounded edge torque tube for long spans and high loads, increasing torsion resistance by 29.6% and bending resistance by 12.4%. The product has a slope tolerance of up to 20º N-S and tracking range of +/- 60º (120º). Finally, the tracker can be loaded with 120 modules (see Oscar Aira’s presentation Increasing Energy Yield by up to 8% here).

Vanguard 2P, as the name indicates, is a 2P tracker. The product features a multi-drive system with self-locking function facilitated by 3 linear actuators per tracker. All drives are synchronized by a single transmission bar that reduces the impact of high wind loads ensuring more stability and reliability. The 170 mm torque tube adds to the robustness, while the short torque transmission distance effectively improves the force transmission efficiency and reduces the angle deviation. The installation of the tracker requires just 7 piles per tracker, 102 piles per MW, which according to TrinaTracker reduces the overall piles by 45%. The tracker accommodates 120 modules and has a slope tolerance of up to 15% N-S and a tracking range of +/- 55º (110º).

Agile 1P, the third model of its listing, is a dual-row, single-axis, 1P configuration tracker. It is integrated with a slewing drive, 1 linear actuator and cardan design that enables easy assembly and reduces installation time, according to TrinaTracker.

Like the other two products, Agile also accommodates 120 modules. The slope tolerances are given as up to 20% N-S and 10º E-W. It has a tracking range of ± 60° (120º).


In April, 2023, Trina has showcased a new generation of its Pioneer 2P tracking system equipped with a multi-motor drive system at the Korea International Green Energy Expo (see Trina showcases Pioneer 2P smart tracking system).

The text is mostly of the product description part from our TaiyangNews 2nd Market Survey on Solar Trackers, which was published in Dec. 2022 and can be downloaded for free here.

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